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  1. Just the very point I was about to make. 😄
  2. Shareholding at the end of 2019 was 190,979. Will be meeting with Club's company secretary soon to reconcile this but I'm sure that we are well over 300,000 now depending on what the cut off date is. A few people have transferred their shareholding to the Trust this year too, including Bobby Fleeting's father, through the family.
  3. Fan ownership of our Club ain't happening in our lifetime. Billy's proud to be the owner and is putting his money where his mouth is. Doesn't mean to say that Cathy & I won't have the occasional conversation with him though. Seriously though, you never know what is round the corner in Scottish football and in life. At least the Trust has a head start with a seat on the board.
  4. We'll definitely work with the Hospitality Manager post-covid to look at more attractive packages that suit all pockets. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. This is an idea we could take to the Club, particularly for Cup games. Thanks for throwing this in to the ring.
  6. You obviously have absolutely no faith in the current board, who are currently keeping our Club alive in extremely challenging financial conditions. You are of course entitled to your opinion. Maybe you have business skills/acumen that you could bring to the Trust board and, to the Club via us? The invitation is there. There is no queue of other, charismatic characters beating down the door to invest the kind of money that is currently being put in. I hate Billy & Phyllis having to do this and I've said this to their faces......but I AM extremely grateful, as I am to the 460 subscribe
  7. This point has been pretty well covered by some of our members replying already (thanks guys) I am confident that this will become a popular area for younger fans in future and season tickets will be sold out quickly. We need to provide facilities that will attract younger fans as they are the lifeblood of the Club. Don't know your age obviously but I remember fondly standing at Rugby Park with a squad of my pals. Atmosphere at away games, particularly in the Steve Clarke era was electric with fans refusing to sit..easier to sing standing up too. This is, of course, completely against the
  8. That's one for you, as a shareholder to ask at the AGM which I believe will happen in some form at the beginning of next month. My belief is that the money for this project was provided by a Director who is no longer on the Club board. Might be wrong in this, mind you. Maybe same thought process that got the Hotel built as a revenue generator. I am aware that it is used regularly during the week as offices for staff........but again, not sure currently how many staff we actually have now following recent furlough activity sadly.
  9. Missed this one so wasn't aware I'd given a 'politician's answer'. The Trust haven't run a poll of it's members on the suitability of Alex Dyer continuing as manager. Cathy is however aware of the cross section of views of the Trust board members. Members haven't requested we do so .........and, is this really a good way to go when we're currently a Private Limited Company? Would it be a good thing in your line of work?
  10. Maybe quicker to read stuff on our wedsite for this. www.thekillietrust.com
  11. It has indeed been a very positive few days. This thread, and recent Facebook posts has definitely helped raise the profile again. We've got 31 new members signed up....... so the momentum towards 1,000 continues. 27 people have committed to TiK donations which amounts to an extra £3,660 per year. A quick calculation of TiK money collected since April 2017 reveals that thanks to the fantastic generosity of subscribers, the Trust have been able to invest £261,470 into various projects at the Club, all of which have been well documented ........... and we still have £34,406 in the
  12. Everyone likes to have their say, so here's my thoughts..... Our support it seems are working themselves into a hysterical frenzy over stuff just now. Performances HAVE been poor but the majority of matches everywhere are poor fare. As I've said previously, players have made really out of character and stupid mistakes that have cost us many points. A team who had gained these points would have been playing with far more confidence. Teams are also suffering because of the lack of edge fans provide on a match day imo. Some supporters seem to think they're entitled to hear about everyt
  13. If I can get Billy to say it, will you believe it?
  14. Good to hear that....keep trying with your other mate. What moisturiser do ye recommend then? What brand keeps your coupon as soothe as a wee babies bum?
  15. Definitely NOT a waste of time. Thanks. Food for thought.
  16. This is WAY outta my comfort zone. If you'd like to lead on this and show the way.....we're all ears,
  17. Firstly, thanks for your support. Unfortunately, the rules of a CBS don't give you a vote/say unless you are a member. To the community thing..... The community aspect is very important to the Trust and to the football Club. The community is in fact the lifeblood of the Club without whose support Rugby Park would (in the normal world) be pretty empty on match days. We've got to work to try and generate a love for the Club, particularly with kids to ensure a support for the future and therefore a reasonably sustainable Club. Similarly, the business community. We need their support for
  18. Again, you're behind the time with your facts I'm afraid.
  19. Thanks. Couldn't have put that bit better myself!
  20. To be honest, I think we've moved on a fair bit since you last did your your research into the Trust.
  21. Apologies, I don't recall any approach to give recruitment/retention advice. This would be warmly welcomed. There hasn't really been an issue so far (touch wood) with retention. Although the TiK fundraising campaign isn't really about rewards, we usually do a prize draw every month. Several of you will have been match day guests of Cathy's at a home game. in the current climate, we'll utilise shop vouchers again and that way, the money is still going to the Club.
  22. We are waiting on availability of some 'guests' for our next 'On Board, In Person' event. When we get this, emails will go out again with requests for questions.
  23. I've checked the records for the past 3+ years but can't find any trace of your membership since we went to the GoCardless system (...favoured by other Trusts also). We spent quite a bit of money around the launch of this attempting to contact 'inactive' members, first by email and then by post without much success. Would need to trawl the minutes to get numbers but I believe it was a pretty low return. Anyway, I suppose we've generated our numbers over the past three years. main thing is, it has continued to gain momentum. We had 650 active members just over a year ago. Always
  24. There is - thekillietrust.com. Everything but a dashboard to check your membership but if you sign up, it renews automatically at the same time every year until you decide you don't love us no more and cancel your bank mandate.