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  1. struass

    Club Shop

    I always though custom garment were flown in due to the already lengthy lead times. Large stock orders would be by boat. Assuming of course they are being made in China
  2. struass

    Club Shop

    Yeah, I’m not keen on it either. Looks and feels cheap. Even sure Ayrshire College students were wearing the teal t-shirt a few years back. Each to their own though, wee man got what he wanted. Bigger worry is the strips not being here.
  3. struass

    Club Shop

    Thankfully season ticket is bought. I don’t want to buy anything I just have a 9 year old itching to spend birthday money
  4. struass

    Club Shop

    Anyone know when the shop opens today? Didn’t see it mentioned in the tweet the club put out.
  5. struass

    Club Shop

    I don't understand this. The stripe design must have been created elsewhere given Beith don't even use Hummel anymore. They are with Kelme.
  6. struass

    Club Shop

    It's a total joke. No-one answering the phone and I now have a block on my card as the club have not attempted 3 times to take the £4900. If the block is lifted they transaction will go through. I have an appointment in 30 minutes at halfords to buy a bike for my son's birthday and no card to pay for it. Thanks Killie you can stick any further money from me where the sun don't shine.
  7. struass

    Club Shop

    The transaction process is simple and easy. It's the adding 2 zero's to the end of transactions thats causing a problem.
  8. struass

    Club Shop

    And there we have it, £4900 attempted to be taken out my account. f**king shambles
  9. struass

    Club Shop

    Hard not to be critical to be fair. Any SPFL club delivering that needs to have a look at themselves. Training and leisurewear looks cheap and not great quality given the price. Won't be buying any of it personally. Got my son a 1/4 zip for his b'day next week as this looks the best. Hoping it doesn't come with the same heat press marks the one on the picture has. Be interesting to know who is doing the customisation....Hummel, the club or a reseller? 30 minutes on I've still no email or record of my transaction at the bank.
  10. Brilliant interview !! Glad we’ve put to bed the notion that clubs lose money when ‘locking’ out the scum!! Once all this s**t is over I have no doubt that rugby park will be absolutely rocking
  11. His antics on the touch line are a disgrace. I don’t think I’ve ever seen. Professional manager chase his team up the park to show them their defensive line.
  12. Hard to tell. So much good about us in games but always going to lose goals. Need every time stay fit and majority to play 90 minutes every week. We aren’t out of it by any stretch of the imagination but we will need a fair slice of luck to make it
  13. Until I read this thread, Broadfoots performance didn’t cross my mind. My issue with the goals was the lack of closing the space in wide areas to stop the cross. This is a consistent thing for us. We aren’t good at it. Apart from the 30 minute period I thought we were excellent and I do enjoy watching Dyer’s team. We just don’t have anything to change a game and if I’m honest, I’m not sure where the blame lies for that.

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