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  1. historyman


    The fact that Hendry is in the squad is ludicrous. I can only assume it's because he looks a wee bit like John Stones since it's certainly not based on his playing ability. He's responsible for losing a goal almost every time he plays. Tic fans must have looked at that yesterday and wondered why they had released Finlay and spent £1m on a player who isn't half as good. Must have been a very sweet moment for big Finlay.
  2. historyman

    Celtic Fred

    I would agree that some of the comments around half time seemed strangely negative. We certainly didn't deserve to be behind and were by no means out of the game - we rarely are these days even when we lose. It was fairly even over the 90 minutes. I would love to know when Celtic last lost a domestic game after taking the lead.
  3. historyman

    Maybe not boo Mulumbu

    Tell me, did anyone on this forum say predict that could be the case?
  4. historyman

    Tommy Burns Programme

    I know what you mean about McCluskey but on the plus side Tosh McKinlay looks just the same and Danny McGrain has looked like that for the last 20 years!
  5. historyman

    Tommy Burns Programme

    There is no doubt that from a playing perspective he was the single most important player in our revival and return from the lowest league. His arrival really started the transformation of the club and was a master stroke by Fleeting. One of the greatest players in our history.
  6. historyman

    Jordan Jones

    The highlights were very basic, didn't even show the Tshibola / Mulumbu wrestling match or Broadfoot burning down Boyata. He does need to watch that at corners, it's a penalty waiting to happen.
  7. historyman

    Run of games

    One game at a time has to be the approach but taking 6 points from Dons away and Tic at home should give the team all the confidence they need going forward. Those were two fantastic results.
  8. historyman

    Celtic Fred

    Doesn't he just. He never, ever gets it wrong. He is just so savvy it's unbelievable. We are blessed to have him at RP.
  9. historyman

    Celtic Fred

    Magnificent performance, even more enjoyable than the 1-0 game last year. No failures at all in our team, everyone played to their potential from front to back and it looked like they all followed their instructions to the letter. At one down at half time I didn't think we were out of it but I would have settled for a point, to get all three was fantastic. Hard to pick a MoM for us with so many excellent performances but it would be between Burke and Tshibola. Tish had his best game in a Killie shirt but I would go for Burke with a great goal, an assist and a phenomenal work rate for a guy of 34 years old. Also, special mention for Greg Stewart who turned Mulumbu inside out three times just in front of me. Wonderful piece of skill. A great day yet again under SSC, I could really get used to them. Haven't enjoyed a home game as much as that for years.
  10. historyman

    Celtic Fred

    Can't believe there were no bookings for the constant fouls on him. Every single time he ran at them he was brought down. He played his part today, no doubt about that
  11. historyman

    Jordan Jones

    We could do with Jones putting in a good performance today, if we are going to get something from the game we can’t afford anyone to be at less than their best.
  12. historyman

    Maybe not boo Mulumbu

    Cheer Killie, boo the opposition. Same as every game.
  13. historyman

    Line Up face Celtic

    SOD against Tierney will be an really interesting battle down that side of the pitch.
  14. historyman

    Line Up face Celtic

    I think it makes sense to have one of our best players on the pitch for 90 minutes not just 45.
  15. historyman

    Tommy Burns Programme

    With the limited budget available to them Alba do a very good job with a lot of these programmes

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