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  1. I definitely think the closed door games are a benefit to the non-OF clubs. Much less pressure on the referee and much less encouragement for their players with fans driving them on.
  2. historyman


    You can only guess how it will work out - same with signing new players - but those are the minimum requirements and he has them in spades.
  3. Tic were poor because we didn’t let them play and we gave them very little space. If a team is well organised and everyone does their jobs it’s hard to break them down. Was surprised though that they didn’t go for Plan B in the last 10 mins and just get the ball into the box and hope for a mistake or a break of the ball. They continued to probe for an opening and we’re blocked off time and time again.
  4. historyman


    Or maybe because he is a total professional, a real role model to other players, helps develop younger players on the pitch every week with his extensive experience and is doing his coaching qualifications
  5. Has really grabbed his opportunity. He’s the man with the jersey and he deserves it. Has barely put a foot wrong and has put some in excellent balls. The surprise package for me so far this season. Maybe a great example of what competition for places can do. I guess however he played last year SOD would have gone straight back in.
  6. That’s true but maybe the game today will help Kabamba to be more aggressive as that’s what he will face in most games. His work rate was also superb today.
  7. Didn’t really hear the commentary from last week but I thought Alan Robertson was excellent. Knowledgable, insightful and totally unbiased. Better than anything you see on the BBC or hear on Sportsound.
  8. The three across the middle all did exactly what they were supposed to do
  9. Dyer got the tactics spot on and the team were excellent to a man with Kabamba putting in a superb performance. Need a first choice goalkeeper.
  10. Night and day from last week. Man of the match by a mile.
  11. Outstanding first half from Kabamba. He has bullied Julien and Ajer from the first minute. We’ve came back very well and are playing with real confidence.
  12. Brilliant from Kabamba. What a difference from last week.
  13. Two games two massive goalkeeping mistakes within the first 10 minutes. And Broadfoot also culpable again
  14. I agree. You can’t invite them on to you from the first whistle. They have better players than us pretty much everywhere so we might as well go two up front. Kabamba on his own didn’t work at Hibs even when we saw a lot of the ball which won’t be the case today.
  15. Draw would be a great result and a bonus. Wednesday night is a more important game in my mind.

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