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  1. Kabamba and Haunstrup were at Pompey together.
  2. I think Friday's main club was Reading, wasn't it? I don't remember him but l've read about him. Was the fat Scouse left winger who played for Swansea, was a bit of a maverick, Joe Allon? I watched Tony Currie at QPR towards the end of his useful career. He had little mobility and no pace but, like Eremenko, he could make space in midfield with his skill and spray passes to the likes of Clive Allen, Simon Stainrod and Micky Flanagan.
  3. At the start of December, Brandon Haunstrup was battling Lee Brown at left-back, the Academy product’s challenge championed by a growing number of supporters swayed by his finest campaign to date. However, the 23-year-old now has a customary South Stand spot on a Pompey match day, surveying the impressive displays of Seddon during the League One promotion push. It has been 12 games since Haunstrup was last included in a Blues squad, despite free from injury. It’s an absence which will become permanent this summer. Out of contract at the season’s end, the former Crookhorn College pupil will depart Fratton Park seeking the regular first-team football which Seddon is now savouring. There is no club option, no fresh deal on the table, the only issue potentially hampering any preferred destination is likely to be training compensation, a scenario which would be rendered necessary should the Blues offer a token contract. For the sake of his promising football career, Haunstrup must this summer depart Fratton Park – and should be accompanied with everyone’s blessing. Since his debut in the Capital One Cup against Derby in August 2015, the approachable lad from Waterlooville has amassed 57 appearances and one goal having clambered through the Pompey ranks. Yet, for too long, opportunity has been restricted, condemned to serve a perpetual existence as deputy to Enda Stevens, Dion Donohue and then Lee Brown. Since Seddon entered the building, he is not even regarded as a back-up. Haunstrup has demonstrated remarkable patience, yet turns 24 in October. It is time to seek footballing fortune elsewhere. There will, of course, be those demanding the tabling of a fresh deal to retain the talented defender, the ramping up of his weekly wage and a significant length of stay should suffice. Make him an offer he can’t refuse. Unless Jackett can pledge the left-back spot on a permanent basis, however, an amicable parting is essential. No doubt the Eisners will be implicated in the inevitable backlash, with Pompey’s boss bound to be the subject of angry finger pointing in his direction, most likely Mark Catlin too, it comes with the territory. Yet let’s not forget, Haunstrup has a say in the matter, the footballer himself, capable of rational thought and strong ambition. The attraction of playing for Pompey no longer retains its appeal when you are not actually playing. Supporters possess a regular seat in the South Stand, not fully-fit footballers. Besides, according to Jackett, talks on a new contract are not presently taking place, while Seddon and Brown continue to surge ahead in the selection stakes. ‘Brandon has worked really hard at his fitness, but at the moment Seddon and Brown have been ahead of him, which has sort of edged him out,’ Pompey’s boss said this week. ‘He has done well in both full-back positions, he was very creative. He’s a good footballer and I wouldn't hesitate to use him if we need him. ‘But my selections in recent weeks have been Seddon and Brown and I just don’t feel we need that third left-back in or around the bench, although he has some flexibility to play other positions. ‘He is out of contract at the end of the season, but we haven’t started talking yet. It’s not something we have discussed, we’re just concentrating on the games and will pick that up at the end of the season or somewhere near it. ‘I think Brandon will keep improving, he has a good future, it has been a frustrating time for him here and he has shown glimpses, while also picked up injuries at the wrong time and that has been slightly unfortunate, it has let other people come in. ‘Even so, I do believe in him as a player. He looks fit at the moment, very, very physically fit, and shows a good attitude, particularly when you’re not getting games on the pitch. ‘I do see a good future for Brandon, definitely, but my choice and selection at the moment has been Seddon or Brown. ‘There will be a point when we do talk, it’s not right now, though. The end of the season is coming up quickly.’ There is life beyond Fratton Park, as fellow Academy graduates Conor Chaplin, Dan Butler Adam Webster will testify. Similarly, close friend Matt Clarke is excelling in the Championship with Derby. Haunstrup has proven himself a capable League One performer, now he must become a frequent participant rather than occasional stand-in during the club’s time of need. There should be no inquest, a witch hunt is not necessary, his inevitable departure is simply down to a footballer wishing to further his development through regular match action. The time has arrived. Perhaps if he hadn’t sustained a meniscus tear to his right knee against Peterborough in early December, matters may have turned out differently, his first-team stint could even have been extended until the season’s end. As it was, with Haunstrup and Brown both sidelined following operations, Jackett focused on identifying a loan replacement to fill the left-back gulf once the January window opened. The solution was Steve Seddon, a highly-regarded young defender to have previously seen loan service with Stevenage and AFC Wimbledon. Unquestionably, he possesses a bright future – as does Brandon Haunstrup. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/time-portsmouth-defender-brandon-haunstrup-bid-farewell-fratton-park-sake-his-promising-career-2448974
  4. skygod


    The difference this year is that every club is more or less in the same situation. Last season, did we not have a hiatus between being knocked out of the Europa League and the domestic games starting? We expected to be playing Partizan twice.
  5. It was a stand--alone subscription of £59.99 in the UK last season.
  6. skygod


    He's at Queen's Park, isn't he? As for being back up, don't you remember the "Cammy Belly" picture?!
  7. They could get that with a Killie TV subscription.
  8. skygod

    Club Shop

    That's what I meant.
  9. skygod

    Club Shop

    The fact that it’s not all in alignment is poor design imo. ”Killie Pie” was a great brand name, I thought, and would have been reasonable on the shirt. We know how it came about but, in my opinion, “Kilmarnock Pie” is a clumsy brand name and, when used on the shirt, risks making a laughing stock of the club name. It’s great that Brownings have chosen to sponsor their local club and the one they support. And it’s understandable that they want to leverage as much promotion as they can from the sponsorship. But I doubt they would want to bring ridicule upon the club by their choice of design. I stress that this is just my opinion and others will disagree. I know the club are insistent on having ethical sponsors for the kit but not everyone will want to wear shirts with pies and tarmac on them!
  10. When I started watching Brentford, they had a midfield of Terry Hurlock, Chris Kamara and Stan Bowles! Stan had a house in the same street as the ground and, as there is a pub at either end and a bookies around the corner, he lived his life in a 200 yard radius! Hurlock also had a house in the same street. A coalman and window cleaner before he turned pro, he was an old-school hardmsn as anyone who remembers him at Rangers will confirm. Unbelievably, Kamara was the sensible one!
  11. skygod

    Club Shop

    That was the plan. The problem was on orders placed between 12.30 and 13.30, so the number was limited.
  12. skygod

    Club Shop

    We were. Just not the one we thought we were.
  13. skygod

    Club Shop

    And in a year when commercial revenue is absolutely vital to the club.
  14. skygod

    Club Shop

    On reflection, I think "Marine" refers to the navy colour and "core" to the name of the range or something.

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