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  1. Especially as it seems to be someone in Australia....
  2. That doesn’t apply in Scotland though, does it? All the signs are that we will progressively - probably too slowly - return to a lockdown not far short of that in the spring. The return of schools and people to work have seen an earlier than expected autumn spike. We need to modify our behaviour in small ways which too many people have not yet grasped, so we face bigger restrictions. Football will continue until infections in the game get out of hand. Wall-to-wall televised football is a handy way for the government(s) to appease the masses.
  3. That’s Macclesfield and Bury gone and Stockport County are in the National League, although I think they’ve been down to the NL North. Too many clubs in the Greater Manchester area getting squeezed out by the big two? Or just badly run? Isn’t Derek Adams manager at Macclesfield?
  4. That’s because they weren’t - they wouldn’t have been sent out on loan if they had been. Maddison had been signed for a couple of million from League One - you know, where all the kickers are! - not long before, and Longstaff hadn’t played a first team match. In other words, they were both raw, Maddison comparatively less so, and the loans made total sense for them. Even his loan at Killie didn’t transform Longstaff into a £30m player (which he probably isn’t at the moment) as he had a further season at Blackpool in League One which helped him again. The other side of th
  5. I think they mentioned that - it’s not on the iPlayer yet. It not ideal but, if a club wants a player to get experience at a certain level where they can easily monitor their performances, it makes some sense.
  6. It’s a good idea for everyone to have had a game. It could be us with positive tests next week.
  7. Video of our goals up now. I didn’t realise Steven Warnock was so wee! Hope it doesn’t hold him back.
  8. I heard an interesting discussion on 5 Live on Monday night on this subject. The panel - no idea who they were - were saying that there used to be a stigma about it as not being good enough for your own first team but now players expect to spend time on loan, and many request to. In fact, they were saying that almost all the recent England squad had been out on loan at some point. It gives players new experiences - playing and life - and helps their development. Instead of having everything done for them, they have to find their way in a new environment. One of them - a
  9. Went to Wigan, who were in the Premier League at the time.
  10. I can’t see him getting any more games than he would have before, ie cup ties, unless Foster is injured. However, there’s a new manager there now so you never know.
  11. Three positive tests but it doesn’t say if they are all players, let alone first team players. Edit: Raman Bhardwaj of STV says all three are players.
  12. Willie Gibson dusting off his pink boots again at QoS, where he is already the Reserve Team manager.
  13. I didn’t say was inarticulate - I said he wasn’t the most articulate. I find his interviews uninteresting - he’s not a fluent speaker but it’s not especially important. To answer Jesper’s point that communication with the players is arguably the most important part of his job - of course it is, but we aren’t privy to that. Different managers have different communication styles with their players and, whatever they are, they will ultimately be reflected in results and that is why they should be the benchmark, and not communication style per se.
  14. Correct, except that - in the interview I saw - he didn’t say it was our first priority. He said his only target was to remain in the division. He was given the opportunity to expand on his ambition but restated that’s it was just to stay in the division. He didn’t even say it was because of the exceptional circumstances this season, which I would have had sympathy with. He’s not the most articulate, but he should be judged on results and not his communication skills.