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  1. skygod

    Boyd Testimonial

    The club announced it was during the next international break and SH said he would be in Albania. Otherwise, I coildn’t have told you!
  2. skygod

    Boyd Testimonial

    He’s certain to be in the Scotland squad, if fit. To avoid a clash with televised football or rugby?
  3. skygod

    Killie Hall of Fame

    I'm almost certain he hasn't been, other than as part of the league championship-winning squad.
  4. skygod

    Clarke scout of Scotland U21s v England U21s

    Somebody else can research that. I only research stuff I'm interested to know myself!
  5. skygod

    Clarke scout of Scotland U21s v England U21s

    The McCrories are still at Rangers. Leon Jones is unattached, having been released by Hearts in 2017 Dan Higgins is on loan from Killie at Stranraer Daniel Harvie is at Ayr Sean McKirdy is with Gala Fairydean Theo Archibald is at Forest Green Rovers, on loan from Brentford Mark Hill is at Forfar, on loan from Celtic Frank Ross is still with Aberdeen Calvin Miller is on loan from Celtic to Dundee Aaron Norris is at Formartine Utd, on loan from Peterhead MacKenzie Heaney was released by Newcastle last summer and is without a club Ali Coote is also with Brentford Ben Stirling is still at Hibs Ross Doohan is on loan from Celtic at Ayr Ross Lyon plays for Clyde Innes Murray is at Hibs Kevin O'Hara is on loan at Stenhousemuir from Falkirk
  6. skygod

    Can we have a Hall of Shame?

    Gerry McCabe scored the first goal. Even the Clyde official website describes the penalty as soft.
  7. skygod

    Clarke scout of Scotland U21s v England U21s

    I think you mean the Victory Shield. After a wait of 15 years, Scotland won the Shield in 2013 by beating England 1-0. Not much similarity in the teams. I assume the Higgins of Celtic is our Dan. Scotland: Robbie McCrorie (Rangers), Ross McCrorie ( Rangers), Jones (Hearts), Higgins (Celtic), Harvie (Aberdeen), McKirdy (Hearts), Archibald (Hearts), Hill (Celtic) (Ross (Aberdeen) 75), Miller (Celtic) (Norris (Aberdeen) 65, Heaney (Newcastle United), Coote (Dundee United) (Stirling (Hibs) 80). Subs not used: Doohan (Celtic), Lyon (Rangers), Murray (Celtic), O’Hara (Forth Valley). England: Whiteman (Tottenham Hotspur) (King 70), Yates (Everton), Ndukwu (Leicester), Davies (Everton), Humphreys (Man City), Colllinge (MK Dons), Willock (Arsenal) (Hinds (Arsenal) 41), Kane (Liverpool) (Maddox (Chelsea) 65), Leko (West Brom) (Cull (Southampton) 65), Nabay (Fulham), Nmecha (Man City) (Hepburn-Murphy (Aston Villa) 41). Subs not used: Oxford (West Ham), Patching (Man City).
  8. skygod

    Stephen O'Donnell

    Admirably honest assessment: "Stephen O’Donnell, the Kilmarnock defender, believes he will learn from his recent exposure to international football. The 26-year-old endured difficult outings against Israel and Portugal and has acknowledged his own role in both defeats. “Personally, I was really disappointed after the Israel game and I was also disappointed at being involved in a couple of the goals lost against Portugal,” he said. “Again, that’s the small margins which make you a top player and an international player and that’s a learning curve for myself and the team as a collective. There were some things I did well. Maybe there were times when I could have been more positive, tried to play forward and help create. “But I’m at a level I’m trying to give the ball to players who have more in their game going forward and then make runs off them to try and help out. “We faced a good side and there are things I need to brush up on. The second goal, especially. The first goal was a bit unfortunate, but I dropped early at the second. There was a bit of an overload at the back post. “I’ve seen their player make a run and I’ve tried to get in there, but the delivery has been perfect and I got punished. That was my fault. We were told to drop on the last step and I hold my hands up for that one. “Reflection is great, but it wasn’t good enough at the time. I need to make sure I’m not involved in goals. I’m a defender first and foremost.” (Herald)
  9. skygod

    All or nothing

    Grabowski and Holzenbein were both World Cup winners, in 1974. There hasn't been many of them who have played at RP.
  10. skygod

    St Mirren Away

    Even the old pensioners and boring farts? Radical thinking there, mate!
  11. skygod


    They have a smaller pool of players than Scotland, soccer is rivalled by rugby in the south and they don't seem to rely on the "granny" rules as much as the other British Isles countries, England excepted. It helps having a Gareth Bale but they are far from a one-man team.
  12. skygod

    Universal Credit

    Have to smile at the Tories saying it has been postposed until 2023. By 2023, the Tories will have as many MPs as the Whigs, with any luck.
  13. skygod

    Killie Hall of Fame

    Maybe the committee will - it's a long-term project. Their thought processes though seem a bit ….strange.
  14. skygod

    Killie Hall of Fame

    Beattie, McLean and Hamilton were inducted as individuals. I know - go figure!
  15. skygod

    Killie Hall of Fame

    "The Founding Fathers" Willie Culley Mattha Smith The 1965 League Champions Willie Waddell Frank Beattie Tommy McLean Ronnie Hamilton Hugh Allan Eddie Morrison Stuart McLean Paul Clarke Derrick McDicken Alan Robertson James Fowler Garry Hay Ray Montgomerie Bobby Williamson Manuel Pascali Freddie Dindeleux Any others?

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