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  1. Flexney signed shortly after Brannigan left.
  2. I think this is a definitive list of Scottish internationalists: Alexander (Sandy) Higgins (1) Ire (H) 1885 John McPherson (1) Wal (H) 1888 James Campbell (2) Ire (H) 1891, Wal (H) 1892 David Murray McPherson (1) Ire (A) 1892 James Orr (1) Wal (H) 1892 John Johnstone (1) Wal (H) 1894 [RP] Robert Findlay (1) Wal (H) 1898 George Anderson (1) Ire (H) 1901 William Barbour Agnew (3) Ire (H) 1907, Wal (H) & Ire (A) 1908 James Mitchell (3) Ire (A) 1908, Wal (H) & Ire (A) 1910 Robert Bryson Templeton (6) Ire (A) 1908, Ire (A) & Eng (H) 1910, Ire (A) & Eng (H) 1912, Wal (A) 1913 Joseph Nibloe (11) Eng (H), Nor (A), Ned (A) & Wal (A) 1929, ROI (A), Eng (H), Aus (A), Ita (A) & Swi (A) 1931, Eng (A) & Fra (A) 1932 Hugh Auld Morton (2) Ger (A) & Ned (A) 1929 Thomas McCall Smith (1) Eng (A) 1934 George Robertson (1) Cze (H) 1937 William Toner (2) Wal (A) & NI (H) 1958 Robert Campbell Forsyth (4) Eng (H), Wal (A) Fin (H) & NI (H) 1964 John McGrory (3) Fin (H) & NI (H) 1964, Por (H) 1966 Robert Ferguson (7) Wal (H) 1965, Eng (H), Ned (H), Por (H), Bra (H), Wal (A), NI (H) 1966 Thomas McLean (6) Den (A) & Cyp (A) 1968, Wal (A) 1969, NI (A), Wal (H) 1970, Den (A) 1971 William Dickson (5) NI (A), Wal (H) & Eng (H) 1970, Den (A) & USSR (A) 1971 Alistair Robert Hunter (2) Per (H) & Yug (H) 1972 James Garven Stewart (1) Chi (A) 1977 Alistair Murdoch McCoist (2) Lit (A) & Est (H) 1998 Ian Durrant (8) Est (H), Far (H) 1998, Ger (A), Far (A), Cze (A) & Bos (A) 1999, Ned (A) & RoI (A) 2000 Gary Holt (2) Lat (A) & Cro (A) 2000 Andrew McLaren (1) Pol (A) 2001 Steven Naismith (1) Far (A) 2007 Kevin Kyle (1) Wal (A) 2009 Cameron Bell (1) Far (H) 2010 Craig Bryson (1) Far (H) 2010 Liam Kelly (1) Lux (A) 2012 Stephen O'Donnell (11) Per (A), Mex (A), Bel (H), Alb (H), Isr (A), Por (H) 2018, San (A), Cyp (H), Bel (A), Rus (H) & Bel (H) 2019 Eamonn Brophy (1) Cyp (H) 2019 Greg Taylor (1) Bel (A) 2019 Stuart Findlay (1) San (H) 2019
  3. The only call Massimo Donati is interested in making is back home to his parents in Italy. The destination of the Premiership title? Promotion, relegation and European places? He couldn’t care less. The former Celtic midfielder, now assistant boss at Kilmarnock, refuses to make any judgements on football when so many people are hurting in his homeland. Donati’s early years in the game were spent with Atalanta in Bergamo, the Italian city where the Covid-19 crisis has hit hardest. Further to the north, his parents and sister live in Udine, where twice-a-day communications from Scotland are essential to check on their well being. Donati said: “I have no answer now to the questions of Scottish football, because the most important thing now is preserving people’s lives. “It’s a terrible time and no-one likes not being free to do what they want to do, but we can’t cry about it. We must stay at home and save lives. “After we fix this problem with coronavirus, then we can talk about title winners and relegation, Champions League and Europa League places. Until then, it isn’t important to speak. “It’s a terrible time and no-one likes not being free to do what they want to do, but we can’t cry about it. We must stay at home and save lives. “Let’s be positive and try to believe that in one or two months this will all be over and we can begin to live our lives again. “Until then, we must cherish every moment spent with our family and kids. It isn’t easy, but we’re doing it at the request of the world."My parents live in Udine and so does my sister and we have to accept that twice a day video conferencing is the only way to communicate for now. It’s not nice for my family, but they are safe and well and so are my friends and we think of others in very bad situations.e “Until then, we must cherish very moment spent with our family and kids. It isn’t easy, but we’re doing it at the request of the world. “My parents live in Udine and so does my sister and we have to accept that twice a day video conferencing is the only way to communicate for now. It’s not nice for my family, but they are safe and well and so are my friends and we think of others in very bad situations. “In Bergamo, for example, so many people have died and the hospitals are crazy, overflowing with people and now it is expected to hit the south. “Hospitals and organisations there are not like the north. They are saying it could take a lot of people. “This virus is trying to take everyone. Some people will not come out of it any worse off, but it’s killing many others and that’s why it’s important everyone stays home, stays safe and follows instructions.” UEFA are still clinging to the fantasy that all domestic leagues in Europe can be completed by June 30, behind closed doors if necessary. Donati said: “June 30? It’s impossible, the virus numbers are still too high but maybe UEFA know more than we do. I don’t think so. “For me football has always been number one but when things like this happen it drops to second, third and the likes in order of priorities. Without our health, we are nothing. “That’s the focus of everyone and rightly so. It was a good moment last week when everyone applauded the NHS workers at 8pm, very emotional. “For years we live our lives without giving any great regard to our health, then something like this comes along and makes you realise the really important things. It’s not nice to speak about football when so many people are unwell.” Former AC Milan star Donati spent two years at Celtic from 2007 before leaving to play for Bari, Palermo and Hellas Verona. He came back to Scotland in 2016 with his Sicilian wife Luana and their kids and after two years at Hamilton and a brief stint with St Mirren, he’s now No.2 to Alex Dyer at Rugby Park. Life has changed in recent months and Donati’s prayer is that governments do enough to ensure people are supported enough when everyone finally comes out the other side. He said: “There are more severe restrictions in Italy than the UK. You can’t go out for a run and only one person in the household can go shopping. "I hope it doesn’t happen here too, but I think it will. Who knows how long this will last. One month? Six? “I hope we come out of this as a better humanity, but a lot of people are going to need help with so many businesses shutting down and lots of people out of work. The government must give as much support as possible. “We must all stay together and follow instructions and hope we return to our normal lives as quickly as possible.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/massimo-donati-opens-up-coronavirus-21775505
  4. Mitchell & Struthers seems to be a patch too.
  5. I prefer stripes to hoops but, without the sponsor's patch, this would have been a great strip. The Umbro logo has been covered up too!
  6. One factor which hasn't been mentioned is that it happened in the fourth minute!
  7. I wasn't at the match and nothing was televised so I haven't seen the incident. But I was impressed by the speed with which Fleeting dealt with the incident. I thought he was sacked on the spot though so I'm surprised he says that he learned via the following day's paper. I suppose it's one thing sacking a Second Division duffer and another thing to do it to a multi-million £ player!
  8. skygod

    TV Rights

    Especially as Doncaster bad-mouthed them.
  9. The only one of the Seven New Wonders of the World that Kenny Brannigan hasn't seen in person, he says, is the Taj Mahal. He's gone from breaking jaws and fighting with fans, to the grandeur of Rome's Colosseum. From a brawl in a Saltcoats nightclub, to the mystique of Machu Picchu, Peru's lost city. From a suicide attempt and losing his business, to coaching kids in Beijing and visiting the Great Wall of China. It has been quite the adventure for a Scottish football journeyman, who spent time with 14 clubs after signing for Queen's Park in 1982. Brannigan was, by his own admission, no-nonsense, win-at-all-costs. He was a man of the times, a product from the streets of Glasgow's Bridgeton where no quarter was given. "A square go? If you come and fight on my turf, you're going to get battered," he says of his mentality as a player. "At three o'clock on a Saturday, I was wound up to batter everybody. "You go out and do the things you're good at. I never got beat in the air. The boy that comes to mind is [Steven] Thompson from Rangers - I won every single header for Airdrie at 38 years of age against him playing for Dundee United. I retired two games later and he signed for Rangers a few weeks after that." Brannigan's candour is also a mark of the time he played in. Although unapologetic about his attitude, there is regret about overstepping the line at times. He admits there was a simmering temper, which sometimes burst through. While playing for Kilmarnock in 1989, he got up one morning to read in a newspaper he had been sacked for an incident at the game the day before. He was up against a player who had left the club a few weeks previously, Derek Cook, and says he was kicked in the back of the head during a challenge. Big mistake. "I knew I was going to be in for a time of it - I stuck the nut on him anyway. I got the sack. I damaged the boy." Brannigan broke Cook's jaw, but undeterred First Division rivals Falkirk - then managed by 29-year-old Jim Duffy - signed him. They would narrowly miss out to Dunfermline Athletic in the race for the top-flight, but the main headline that season was an infamous incident in a Saltcoats nightclub. Brannigan recalls a scuffle in a bar as some locals started a fight with team-mate Colin McNair on a squad night out. "Wonderful footballer [McNair], but he was a troublesome guy and he got dug up. It could have been all-out war but we broke it up. But the boy went and got all his pals and they were after McNair again. "It was a stitch up. They called us the 'Saltcoats Seven' and we went into the club the next day, and I was the one who had to go and tell Duff: 'Look, we got the jail on Saturday night, seven of us got stitched up.' Every one of us left the club that year..." Two douses of controversy did not put Stranraer and Stenhousemuir off signing Brannigan and he helped both to Challenge Cup success and the former to promotion from the second division. But football proved a fickle friend. His coaching career at Queen's Park was cut short after an altercation with a fan, when Brannigan insists he was the one punched -"If I'd a banged him I'd have put him in the hospital, trust me". And though he was assistant manager at Queen of the South as they reached the Scottish Cup final in 2010 and got into Europe, his sacking as manager of the club in 2011 - having replaced Gordon Chisholm - marked the start of a dark period in Brannigan's life. The phone stopped ringing. His property and pub businesses collapsed around him, and personal tragedy also struck. The game was no longer his saviour. "In one year I had lost nine properties, one pub, I had lost another one a couple of years before, just under £300,000 in the bank, and I lost my brother, and I lost my job. I tried to kill myself. "Going away to Canada to sort my head out was the best thing ever. I was in a bad way, a real bad way."His savour was Andy Kean, founder and chief executive of FirstPoint USA, a company which aims to set-up teenagers with sporting scholarships in the US and elsewhere around the world, and for whom Brannigan now travels the world as a coach and talent-spotter. He and his life have changed for the better, and his passion for football is undimmed. What drives him now is not leaving stud marks on centre-forwards, but giving kids an opportunity. "We're living in an illusion - 54% of clubs in Scotland are full-time," he says. "If you're lucky, you'll get eight to 10 years out of the process, and more than one or two managerial jobs. "You put a kid out to the States who's going to play for the love of the game. He's still studying for a degree, for a long-term future. To change a kid's life long-term is a fantastic thing. "If you're not good enough to play at the top, where's your future? It's part-time and you need a job. There's got to be a process when kids sign with a club that there's some sort of educational thing put in place so they don't hit mental health [problems]." 'I've seen the wonders of the world' The elimination of insecurity in football is the 54-year-old's mission, and Brannigan has mellowed from the days of bawling at team-mates, too. He's had to. His new life, which also involves working as a scout for Hamilton Academical, has provided unique challenges for the tough, but softly-spoken, Glaswegian. "If you go to Canada, to America, you have to change. You can't even swear," Brannigan says. "For a guy like me, not to swear when you're teaching is so difficult after going through your whole life swearing at players. "I'm from Bridgeton, but I've not lived there in 20 years. I've seen all the wonders of the world doing what I do for a living. So for a young boy who couldn't afford a pair of football boots to doing what I do, the difference..." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51552821
  10. It’s sod’s law that Atalanta would draw Atletico Madrid.
  11. Not sure this qualifies as "Entertainment"....
  12. The famous Ghanaian Trialists match.
  13. True, but the fixtures were listed alphabetically - it wasn't coded or anything - so you could work out that Aberdeen at home was A! Or just ask someone with a programme.

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