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  1. Decripit

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Don' know a name. Could be one of the guys Hippo spoke about a week or so ago.
  2. Decripit

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Heard that a new recruit could be announced to coincide with the monthly payment day next week. Hopefully should help shift a few extra tickets.
  3. Decripit

    Next Seasons Strip Speculation Megathread

    You can't' post pictures like that on this forum. Children and pensioners like me can be easily offended.
  4. Decripit

    Tickets for Tuesday

    I would hazard a 7800 which includes 1100 Dandies.
  5. Decripit

    Semi final venues

    Has to be Hampden. If we beat the Dons we could expect upwards of 16K KILLIE fans . Well would match us so it would hardly be empty.
  6. Decripit

    Sir John Orr

  7. Decripit


    I am all for free speech. But McLean has changed my point of view.
  8. Decripit


    I got an Armani shirt from Santa. I am in my 60s though is there an upper age limit to joining this club. ?. To be honest I just want the badge.
  9. Decripit

    New Fanzine

    Well done Hippo. More power to your elbow. Some of the keyboard warriors on here need to have a long hard look at themselves. Guys like you are part of why I am a proud Killie fan.If we all put half the effort you put in to our club we would be an amazing club.
  10. Decripit


    I was born a stone throw away from Rugby Park and have worshipped there for nigh on 60 years. I LOVE THE PLACE. But I would jump at the chance of moving in to the Halo Project, nor for us old sweetie rustlers but for the young Killie fans coming through. It's now time to build bridges with MM and move forward. KTID.
  11. Decripit

    Line UP face Clyde

    I have to agree with Thirdwatch 1965 Rory should be nowhere near a first team start. It pains me to say that as I always had high hopes that he was going to be our next big thing. He was worse than a man down on Friday and that was not the first time.
  12. Had a long chat with Billy Bowie yesterday. The new training complex is definitely being built at a site in Dundonald. East Ayrshire council were less than helpful to the Club with respect that they wanted the club to finance a new roundabout at Moorfield in order for us to have this facility in the town. He intimated that we will have both indoor and outdoor facilities. Anyone else heard anything ?
  13. Decripit

    Friday's crowd

    What's the expectation for Friday ? Not sure how many Jambos will travel down from the capital for a TV game with not a lot at stake for them. I have family driving up from Leeds to swell the home section by 3. Going for 4303.
  14. Decripit

    Dundee game+MJ

    I won't be able to attended the trust meeting on Saturday but I would love to hear some positives coming out. I was NAPM. I have been wearing my blue and yellow scarf at all games since our pre season friendly against East Fife a few years ago . I have been shouting abuse at MJ at every opportunity including on the street. I have signed the MJ out sheet. I have had face to face arguments with my fellow fans, where has it got me !! What about sending a real positive message to any future investors. I know it would stick in my throat the thought of the rat getting our money, but for one game only (Dundee) let's pack the place out. Bring any lapsed fans back encourage any one with Killie sympathies along . I would pledge to bring along Ten Extra on that one day .Just a thought .KTID.
  15. Decripit

    Something to brighten your weekend troops.....

    I will drive down from darkest Lanarkshire and purchase two season tickets the minute I get conformation that he is gone. I know of at least 3 others who will also renew but not till he is gone. Will the 29th July now be an official bank holiday in Kilmarnockshire ?

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