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  1. No he belongs to us bad Trust boys. Get your own halfwit to play with.
  2. Do you all wear pin badges ? Can anyone join or do we need to Uber fans like you and Drew ?
  3. Bluebell are you a member of the infamous Drew Wylies Monday Club ?
  4. What in God's earth is a NAPM member ?
  5. No. We don't need to answer any questions from folk who dont contribute . Especially from wind up merchants like you.
  6. I predict 107 pages on this thread before the transfer window closes .
  7. Drew. If you don't subscribe you don't have a say. Now it's Monday away and do what you do best. Toddle on.
  8. Drew. You are turning into the new Mclean. Stoap moaning.
  9. Keep your political views off this forum.
  10. After a very good start at the beginning of last season it has hit the skids big time.My wee English team Frickley keep me much more informed than what Killie do.
  11. Karen a big welcome to The Oldest the Finest the Best club in Scotland.
  12. Please guys do not respond to this Andy123 character. He is obviously a old firm interloper. Or a country cousin from the dark side of Ayrshire.