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  1. islandbob

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Just left Arran
  2. islandbob

    Brora Fred

    after the sheep game
  3. islandbob

    Brora Fred

  4. islandbob

    Line up face Brora Rangers

    Start with strongest team then introduce fringe players if and when game is safety. But don't short change paying customers who come to see the best team possible playing
  5. islandbob

    Line up face Brora Rangers

    Maybe your right but you still want to see the best team possible
  6. islandbob

    Line up face Brora Rangers

    If We want to boost attendance ,why play a weakened team. Let the lapsed fans who come to the cup game see what they have been missing since SSC arrived
  7. islandbob

    Killie V Hibs

    What category do I belong in ? from 8 to 40 years old never missed a game and from 40 to 63 having to select special games to attend due to working saturdays till 2 pm and location being an island (which means overnight stays )
  8. islandbob

    Scott Boyd Survey

  9. islandbob

    Johnston Out chant at Warriors?

    I was at the match and never heard it.
  10. islandbob

    Magennis Thread

    no I cant either all other threads ok
  11. islandbob

    Killie Trust SGM

    same here

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