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  1. Really enjoying these guys, keep up the great work
  2. If anyone hasn’t already, then listen to the Killie podcast with Burkey. It’s great and gives a great insite to his mentality and outlook on things.
  3. Why would he go there? He’s not far off being a regular in the international squad, he’s got to be looking higher than Dundee Utd. I get the feeling he really likes Killie, hoping he’ll sign a new deal then if/when we sell it’ll be a good figure to a big club
  4. I’ve been asked recently to be best man and a last minute stag has been booked to Carlisle - anyone got any recommendations?
  5. Any idea if I can return/refund tickets through ticketco? I bought 4 tickets but 3 of them now can’t go due to work.
  6. Hi guys, We're going down to the British grand prix for the weekend this year for my father in laws 60th, wondering if anyone has been before and can recommend any accommodation nearby ish?
  7. See Andy King’s loan has been cut short at Ibrox, pretty sure he was mentioned on here in the summer. Any chance?
  8. Wes McDonald plays in a position we desperately need to improve, is out of contract this month, should be in budget (league 2), has had a decent season so far and is only 22. Surely this is exactly the type of player we should be after
  9. Coleman was one of the few people to come out looking ok after the Sunderland documentary, I’d be happy if we got him.
  10. Did we not interview Moore and Holloway in the summer? If they were unsuccessful then, would they want to apply again?
  11. Absolutely pointless trying to watch this on KillieTV, not even getting 3 seconds before it crashes.
  12. I'm absolutely buzzing for today, expecting us to be busy. Don't think there will be much work getting done today!
  13. All my bluenose mates now absolutely hate us - it's absolutely amazing

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