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  1. As a former HT working in Kilwinkie, some parents would come for interview 'dressed up' in the *anker* 3rd change strip.
  2. Received 6 emails, then a 'proper' Killie email. Perhaps the first half dozen are scams?
  3. We met his cousin last week while we were on a cruise holiday. From what the cousin said, I'm not surprised he's homesick and returning to his family. The team stay, train and play in Iran and not as we thought, which was staying and training in Dubai, then flying into Iran. Additionally, his partner, by whom he has a baby, hasn't been allowed a visa for Iran as she and Irwin aren't married. So much for the broad minded Iranians.
  4. Hi again Killie fans, I have to say my spare ticket has been taken. Thanks for looking.
  5. Good morning Killie fans! Ive just acquired a spare ticket for the Killie end for today's game. Phone or text me on 07774498234. Thanks
  6. Due to illness, I've 2 tickets for Saturday's Hibs v Killie, 1 full & 1 concession. pm me if interested
  7. Does any one know if tickets need to be purchased for this game?
  8. I may be mistaken, but didn't the gents' toilets in the FB stand used to have posters about the signs and symptoms of mental illness plus contact details for help?
  9. Fellow KIllie fans...watch the AUFC 'advert' for season tickets on Youtube. Search for AUFC season tickets 2016/17. The ad does make a connection with fans, I'm NOT suggesting Killie should do something similar, but it shows A*r are trying to get more sales.
  10. SH, Any place available on the bus? (I'm coming from 3Towns) Thanks, Jim Gibson

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