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  1. Hi Anyone know of any boys clubs (2012) looking for players in Kilmarnock? Ta
  2. I'd be more worried about leaving with something than entering with COVID
  3. Would the concerns not be that the wind would blow the fascia off?
  4. Where the shop was? In the big empty area outside East stand entrance? Behind the East stand?
  5. Exactly this. It's an incredibly stupid idea. We have a huge amount of empty land that could have housed these and to put them at the back of the stand makes no sense. The seats were not costing us anything being there and by removing them we are cutting off potential revenue in the future.
  6. Is that right? The club allowed people to purchase season tickets for seats that they knew they were going to obliterate?
  7. Think the issue is that they are not valid at all so anyone who turns up will be disappointed
  8. Why do we constantly shoot ourselves in the foot? Give people a voucher that tells them to rock up on the day of the match and then decide after the fact that it is not valid for the upcoming home game. This is amateurish stuff.
  9. The fact we are even having to discuss this is bizarre. The decision should be straightforward...
  10. Someone's loving their modular building.
  11. Someone should tell Hamilton then. PAY AT THE GATE Following on from the recent easing of restrictions by the Scottish Government for the first time this season we will be offering a pay-at-the-gate service for fans who wish to purchase a one off ticket. Anyone who wishes to use the pay-at-the-gate facility must do so by using turnstile six. Please have the correct change where possible. Alternatively tickets are on sale now for fans looking to purchase their tickets in advance of the match. Priced at £20 for adults and £10 concession To buy yours contact the ticket office or phone 01698 368650. Season tickets are of course valid. HOME FAN ENTRY Due to restrictions still in place regarding dressing room access and social distancing turnstiles one to three will still remain closed for the match. Accies fans may use turnstiles four to six for entry. Please arrive as early as possible to avoid long queues closer to kick-off ACCIES FUNCTIONS Our newly refurbished Accies functions bar will be open from 12pm allowing fans to enjoy a catch up with fellow supporters ahead of the match. Entry is free to anyone with a match ticket/season ticket. https://hamiltonacciesfc.co.uk/match-information-kilmarnock/
  12. Thank f**k for that but that's all we need. One nil every game and we'll win the league. Well done boys for not giving up!!
  13. Very impressed with hemming. If we had him last year that game probably wouldn't have taken place
  14. Perhaps just someone looking for directions to Rugby Crescent? Seriously though, if he is being shown around...what is Fowler showing him here? Don't need to be brains of Britain to work out that is the car park.
  15. Don't blame the club. This whole debacle just shows that the "science" involved in deciding attendance numbers is a load of s**te.
  16. So much so we even have fans moaning about other fans moaning 😂
  17. No, followed the whole thread and don't recall criticism of families sitting together. You obviously remember it so why not just remind me?
  18. Good lord! There may be genuine reasons why we can only accommodate season ticket holders but I seriously hope "we cannae be bothered with the admin" isn't one of them.
  19. Such a strange feeling going in to this season. I think we will do well and be there or there abouts at the end of the season and with a following wind will win the league. I do have this feeling that the prize for winning the league is not that attractive - scraping around the bottom of a league obsessed with the arse cheeks is not a huge amount of fun. Might feel different at the end of the season but it feels good going in to the start of the season as the team to beat. Not sure if this makes much sense 🙂
  20. Assuming restrictions are lifted for next home game the club should reduce season tickets to £330 for adult. Might encourage some more sales.
  21. But all restrictions due to end soon, but yes I mean pay on a match by match basis either at gate or through app.
  22. Would like to know why you think that would be the case? At £350 for 17 matches there seems to be little incentive to buy now - unless you think restrictions will remain preventing walk-ups?
  23. Would you lot give it a rest with the "bed wetting" and "knicker wetting" crap. It's boring. Some people have genuine concerns and points they want to discuss. If you don't like it just ignore, no need to wet your knickers about it.