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  1. We are nicking results too often and really need to move up a gear and get some comfortable wins if we are going to challenge.
  2. Agree. It’s all too matey matey. Can’t remember the last time a manager was really challenged in a post match interview.
  3. I am trying to avoid clicking on this.
  4. Don’t really mind the simple guess- it’s the spreadsheet thingy based on the TicketCo site that tips me over.
  5. 30 September must be the day!
  6. Please dont start a crowd calculator as it does my head in. Let us just get a surprise on the day.
  7. Did I miss something or are we judging him on 15 mins at Qos. Has he played a full game?
  8. Agree but replace your 2x “got”with 2x “should have”. Based on Saturday we were outplayed and out managed by Inverness.
  9. We have been looking for a striker for 2+ years!
  10. Back to what I said last week - where is the back up plan. You need one if you start playing in the last day saloon!
  11. My seat belt has been fastened so long I now have stretch marks. Wtf is going on!
  12. Missing the point. The club said the manager would have the same budget as last year. I did not mention busting the budget but to try and get a straight promotion by not spending the budget with the risk of not getting promotion is a risky move. We cannot afford to take chances on unknowns as you say as the end cost could well be significant with multiple years in the championship.
  13. Unless we have 2 quality players due in reflected in a good wage and a couple of quality loanees I cannot for the life of me see how we can be maintaining last years wage bill. The higher paid sqaud from last year cannot be compared wage wise to the group we have currently.
  14. Do we not count season tickets as being there even if they are not. Others do.
  15. Based on that today we need more than 2.
  16. So much for all that online crowd calculator nonsense. 5004 was the announced crowd so maybe the formula needs and rethink.
  17. Not more last day nonsense where things can go wrong and there is no back up plan.
  18. It’s clearly another poor news day as some on her are making up arguments for the sake of it!
  19. Losing in the cup v Hibs without signing a new striker is one thing but for that to happen next weekend v hamilton might be seen by some as the club dragging their feet and not learning from last season.
  20. We must have an incoming early next week
  21. He would need to have some previous championship level experience.
  22. Where is the data problem - is it with ticket co or the club. For the sake of transparency someone at the club needs to let us know. The impression we are getting is that a wee guy somewhere is pedalling a generator to power a laptop which sends one email every 20 mins.?
  23. Text received from ticket co at 10 this morning. Thought it was a mistake as stand, block and sear number are same as my season but row is one in front!!!
  24. The only mistake the club have made tonight is in the wording of their communication. Poor.