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  1. Delsteel

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Was down just after 6 to purchase two tickets, got Row Z in the east so happy with that. There was a guy down there asking about getting his and his kids ST seats and they had already been sold.......
  2. Delsteel

    Jambos, Fred

    Jamie MacDonald!!!! Yasss
  3. Delsteel

    Dundee match thread

  4. Delsteel

    Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Angela Lansbury
  5. Delsteel

    Lollipop Persons/G.O.M.T.

    Muppets that run the lights well after they have gone red. So late in fact they are come through a junction as you are entering on the green light!!! I find the lights at the Tesco Garage at Glencairn & the Portland Road/North & South Hamilton Street junction especially bad for this behaviour.....or is it just the sequencing that's out?
  6. Delsteel

    Sky friends and family deals

    Not the greatest deal we have had available but still saving a few quid. PM Me your name and email address if interested.
  7. Delsteel

    Dundonald new training complex

    Muirmill doesn't look big enough for the size of development that is being talked about. There's plenty of land between the main road through Dundonald and the Olympic business park that could be developed, similarly, there is an old industrial site in Drybridge across from the chemical place that looks ideal in size, is available and probably wouldn't have any issues getting planning permission given its former use.
  8. Delsteel

    Hospitality box

    The pitch and changing facilities at Moorfield?
  9. Delsteel

    The Rangers Match Thread - 29/10/16

    2 - 0 halliday penalty
  10. Delsteel

    The Rangers Match Thread - 29/10/16

    1 - 0 rangers lee wallace
  11. Delsteel

    Michael Johnston faces showdown board meeting

    @killiehippo has posted on FB that the latest rumour he has heard is that MJ wants £1.50 per share. And the BB & Kiltie are considering walking away.
  12. Delsteel

    failkirk away 19/05

    No more than we deserve.
  13. Delsteel

    v ICT away

    BOOM! About time Higginbottam delivered.
  14. I see the club have applied for planning permission to build a hospitality box at the rear of the main stand near the park suite end. Seems a bit strange given the comments about how poorly the hospitality has been used over the last season or two. Click Here
  15. Delsteel

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Got my degree in Multimedia & Web Development but have never worked in the industry. I've been a Sky Engineer for the last 7 and a bit years having been everything from a General Assistant up to Line Manager at Tesco for the 6 years before that.

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