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  1. Got my email for my own seat now!
  2. Got an email for two u16s but not my own
  3. Eventually got through on the phone and the woman was exceptionally helpful. Sending me codes for renewal via email. I have no email yet. If other people did get through, how quick was the email? The phone call was nearly an hour ago
  4. I live in Edinburgh. I have not received a renewal code, but don’t think I can renew online anyway as one of the three tickets I want to renew is a free u16. I either get a message after 2 rings to say all operators are busy and to try again later or it just rings out. I have been trying on and off all afternoon. How long are season ticket seats held for as I can’t see anything about that anywhere. Fun way to spend a bank holiday.
  5. Jones went down at speed running into the box. Defoe was almost down from a standing start. It’s a joke!
  6. Not sure calling her a bint is helpful, but I heard her and several others around her use the word fenian on several occasions during the game. Also, really embarrassed crossing the bridge to Bothwell Street to hear some Asians crossing in the opposite direction referred to as “chinky bastards”. Thankfully my 11 year old didn’t ask too many questions, but surely we have moved on and are better than this kind of nonsense!
  7. Surely this is one of the reasons our STs are electronic? I live in Edinburgh and it's not easy to get to RP to purchase tickets. I could have been emailed, I could have agreed to purchase my seat and then my ST could be scanned at the gate as the game had been loaded with the ticket for the game. The seat would then be removed from general sale. Isn't that how it works at other grounds and isn't it quite a simple thing to do? The seat isn't the be all and end all, but it's where I go every game and am surrounded by familiar faces! On a side note, I got a ticket at the opposite end of the stand for the A*r game a couple of seasons back. I checked my ST seat before going to it and, seeing that it was taken, went to the seat number on my ticket. Just after KO I had someone screaming at me that I was in their seat. I showed them the ticket, but nothing I said persuaded them. They fetched a steward. I explained that I was in the seat allocated to me for the game. He told me to move. I said that this was the seat I'd been allocated. He told me to shift. I asked where I should go, he told me to shift. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After about 10 minutes of aggression and dealing with the steward the guy looked at his ticket and conceded he was trying to sit in the wrong place. Please...sit in your allocated seat!
  8. With the electronic season ticket system shouldn't it be possible to purchase an add on online and ensure our season ticket seat is booked for us? Isn't that part of the point of this kind of season ticket? Find the rigmarole of paper tickets for big cup games very frustrating as I don't live in Kilmarnock and am only in town for a short time before most of the home games that I attend.
  9. Thanks for the live feed....the East Stand looks MUCH busier than usual!
  10. None of this is showing on the bbc updates
  11. Me, my son and friend unlikely to make it through from edinburgh as I'm in hospital...992!
  12. They made Accies look like footballers!

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