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  1. The whole town seemed angry. It was the first time I’d ever been down there and people were lobbing stuff from their gardens at the bus. Think some of our buses were invited into Ayr for a wee chat with the OB.
  2. Stranraer late 80s. Think it was an old firm weekend which was played on the Sunday. Absolutely crazy inside and out of the stadium. Loads of pissed up bigots from Ireland in the home end. Some unfortunate chap was handcuffed to a lamppost in the high street and got a bit of a hiding. Long way home as Girvan was closed for business.
  3. Always laugh at the 3-4K “fans” who were at the semi vs “them” and didn’t go to the final.
  4. Being 2-0 up at Clydebank in the second last game of the season and losing 3-2. Then winning 6-0 at QOS and losing out to a late late goal from Clyde to relegate us the following week. One week I’ll never forget.
  5. They enquired last year and Finlay was too expensive for them. May just be an old story resurfacing.
  6. Just turned 50 and I got a small amount of shares for my birthday. The club handled this brilliantly to be fair. Got the certificate this morning. No issues with our season ticket refunds. Right decision by the club which has been well received by other club’s supporters online.
  7. Colin Nish being Colin Nish in the last 10 seconds. What a miss.
  8. Interesting article about Kenny Brannigan. Mentions the infamous headbutt on Derek Cook. I can remember seeing it, thinking it was against QOTS. Didn’t realise that he had broken Cook’s jaw. Seems to have moved around a lot since. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51552821
  9. Think we should just scrap this season and default all teams back to their league placings from May 2019. Means that we would be in the draw for Europa league playoffs 2020-21.
  10. After this Saturday, if all games were defaulted to a 0-0 outcome who would be relegated ?
  11. Wee thought. If Dyer was given the job at the end of last season do you think the board would have replaced him after 15 games?
  12. Could of nerds on Pie and Bovril are projecting 37/38 points to see a team safe. Reckon one more win is required.
  13. Very fine margins. If Broadfoot scores with the header we could have been 1 point off 6 place. Poor game and performance though. Generally loosing interest at the moment.
  14. Hamilton finished 10th last season on 33 points. One above St Mirren. Think that another 4-6 points will see us safe this year. Clearly would love to be in the top 6 but would love to relegate Hearts, St Mirren or Hamilton on the last day.
  15. Had better nights. Car broke down at Darnley. Spent 3 hrs in the pissing rain and we all missed the game. Arrived home as it went 1-1. Brother in law goes everywhere with the Dons and said that was the best he has seen us play in years.