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  1. If Hamilton and Motherwell both lose next weekend and we win against Dundee then we cannot go into the play off place as there will be a nine point difference between ourselves, Hamilton and Motherwell and they have to play each other. Both teams cannot get nine points from the three remaining games. So we will be safe from relegation.
  2. I have worked out the following fixtures for each team according to how many home games played and previous fixtures against other bottom six teams. They are not in any particular order. HAMILTON Ross county v Hamilton Hamilton v Motherwell Hamilton v Kilmarnock Hamilton v Dundee Inverness v Hamilton ROSS COUNTY Ross County v Dundee Ross County v Inverness Kilmarnock v Ross County Ross County v Hamilton Motherwell v Ross County KILMARNOCK Motherwell v Kilmarnock Kilmarnock v Inverness Hamilton v Kilmarnock Kilmarnock v Ross County Kilmarnock v Dundee DUNDEE Ross County v Dundee Hamilton v Dundee Dundee v Motherwell Kilmarnock v Dundee Dundee v Inverness MOTHERWELL Motherwell v Kilmarnock Dundee v Motherwell Motherwell v Ross County Inverness v Motherwell Hamilton v Motherwell INVERNESS Ross County v Inverness Dundee v Inverness Inverness v Hamilton Kilmarnock v Inverness Inverness v Motherwell This is my guess. I could be totally wrong. We will have to wait and see what the powers above come up with.
  3. Why do people want Lee Clark punted when he has not had the opportunity to have a clear out and mould his own team? It is obvious that he has been left with a group of players who have no personal motivation to want to succeed in the game and are happy to go through the motions and pick up a wage. On today's game it means nothing and we should not get hung up on it.

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