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  1. As much as I would happily see the back of the old firm from our league, these moments are absolutely priceless. Can’t wait for work tomorrow. Well done Alex Dyer.
  2. Second thoughts let’s listen to him greet. Yassssss!
  3. Alex Rae should never be allowed a microphone for a rangers game again. Unbearable.
  4. So banned for rangers game, and if he takes Scotland job he sits in stand for Cyprus game?
  5. Ya dancer we are going to park head as league leaders!
  6. Who cares give them extra sub. Come on!!!!!
  7. Haha thought there was maybe a rule change according to Ricardo Gordon and Liam mcleod.
  8. Are Aberdeen allowed another sub in extra time?
  9. He thinks therefore he plays. Let the games commence
  10. If we get him to feel the same way mcinnes does for dons then we are onto a winner, Let him have complete control of club, back his vision, make him indespensible. I’m sure Bb will be doing this anyway, both seem to have big ambitions.
  11. At this rate we will do a Leicester next season. Unbelievable.

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