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  1. Thought process of a zombie: Watch your team (on TV of course) reach the last 16 of the Europa League in possibly one of the biggest games in your short history Celebrate? No. Find the Captain of a team that beat you in the league a few weeks ago on twitter and send him Sectarian abuse. Proper tin pot mentality from some of these zombies.
  2. I just hope our playing surface can cope, especially with this harsh winter weather.
  3. I was at the Killie exhibition at Hampden recently and there is a list of notable players who have come through our youth ranks. Obviously Boyd and Naismith are on it, as are Dean Hawkshaw and Scott McLean, slim pickings from recent years it would seem.
  4. Tish on his way to sign from Belgium. Don's have signed a Venezuelan right back so looks like they won't be going for SOD.
  5. I'd like to see us re-sign Kirk Broadfoot.
  6. Good age, tall and powerful from the sounds of it, could be a good foil for Brophy.
  7. If it was a permanent deal yes, if it was a loan till the end of the season no I'd say. Would still like an experienced striker in as our starter though.
  8. How have Waters' performances been at St Mirren does anyone know? Is it likely he could come back and do a job?
  9. I also sell lottery tickets if anyone is interested
  10. Don't understand why so many people are saying we don't have a chance. We are going to win 3-0.
  11. Or if they are rangers fans, just buy one ticket between you all and all try to get in using the same barcode.
  12. PillieKie


    People that McKenzie would be competing with for a start on the wing: an in form James Forrest, an in form Ryan Christie, Ryan Fraser playing in the EPL. People that Brophy is competing with for a start up front: a player coming back from a lengthy injury, a player not getting a game in the EPL, a player playing in the Scottish Championship. Not really a like for like comparison is it?
  13. With the recent number of defensive injuries I'm hoping this may be a Director of Football/Player role.
  14. I hope his hotel room has a trophy cabinet in it.

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