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  1. spicybarbecue

    Stadium Renovations

    did I hear that we are also putting in a grass pitch or am I making that up?
  2. spicybarbecue

    Steve Clarke (fire) fights back......

    what's wrong with being a fireman, Brendon? do a pretty darn heroic job if you ask me.
  3. spicybarbecue

    Next season ambition

    I reckon we will be challenging for a euro spot next season.
  4. spicybarbecue

    Who next player could new contract with Kilmarnock

    mulumbu would be amazing, craigie, I hope so
  5. spicybarbecue

    Stlll a great season

    quarter final of a cup and top six, aye i'll take that
  6. spicybarbecue

    Dons match fred

    overall..head's held high IMO, we did pretty well to get to the quarters and only went out to the lottery of penalties. as for today's performance it was understandably a bit nervy due to the stakes so we can't be too critical. Nice to see a really good crowd there also, hopefully we will sea a well deserved increase in the support who were excellent today.
  7. spicybarbecue

    Dons match fred

  8. spicybarbecue

    Dons match fred

  9. spicybarbecue

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    looking forward to this one, shaping up to be a tasty tie.
  10. spicybarbecue

    Erwin's Goal

    dang it, now Erwin is playing well and i'm completely out of things to moan about which being a killie fan is a really odd position to be in
  11. spicybarbecue

    Jambos, Fred

    good result still have a game in hand to leapfrog hearts in any case and tbf top 6 is far beyond what any of us probably expected
  12. spicybarbecue

    Lennon on SC and AD

    Lennon is a decent manager as he has proven with hibs and i seem to recall him doing fairly ok in europe with celtic. personally not that much fussed if he speeks passionately about his team, who dosen't?
  13. spicybarbecue

    Killie one Celtic didn't 03/02/18

    Why is there no option to vote for everyone
  14. spicybarbecue

    Celtic thread, Fred

    get it roon ye
  15. spicybarbecue

    Celtic thread, Fred

    blaw the whistle ffs

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