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  1. eagle10g1

    Champagne Charlie

    As we all know he is contracted to us for another 2 years so unless there is some kind of gentleman’s agreement with the club or there is anything stipulated in his contract that he can walk away then more ‘things’ than those mentioned have to happen.
  2. eagle10g1

    7/1 Odds tomorrow

    McBookie. At least double what I expected on this one. Mon the Killie
  3. eagle10g1

    Mulumbu gossip

    Yes our ENTIRE playing budget is only £30 k a week
  4. eagle10g1

    Mulumbu gossip

    2-2.5 k a week
  5. eagle10g1

    Manager of Month March

    It’s only about the league
  6. eagle10g1

    Manager of Month March

    No Hibs have drawn one and won one, we have won 3
  7. eagle10g1

    Manager of Month March

    Assuming the League Cup doesn’t count in the deliberations, the gaffer must be a stick on for an incredible third award ‘when’ we beat Hamilton as that game is last of the month.?
  8. eagle10g1

    Top Six Secured

    Very proud of the team , amazing especially with 3 games to go
  9. eagle10g1

    Manager of the month

    Great news for the boss and everyone connected with the club. As far as I’m aware we have never won this twice in a season, tremendous
  10. eagle10g1

    Sir John Orr

    RIP A diehard fan all his life
  11. Dom Thomas being quoted this morning as possibly going back to Queens
  12. eagle10g1

    Steven Naismith

    Because clubs who are sitting on expensive contracts for players who don’t feature in their long term plans cut their losses. These losses can, in some cases for players whose stock is low, be almost the same as paying the whole contract up. Clubs don’t want disgruntled players simply seeing their contract out as causes morale issues etc.
  13. eagle10g1

    Jordan Jones

    Lack of respect for the contribution of a player that did very well for us . Good guy who has done well in developing his career..Would take him back in a minute.Why do some people continually write this crap ?
  14. eagle10g1

    Stephen O Donnell

    Well worthy of his own post in the way he beat his man on the wing and delivered THAT ball.. class. Over and above that he is really starting to find his feet now and looks a very good signing.. Well Done big man
  15. eagle10g1

    The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    Likes a wee threesome, get two other good Killie men in with him !

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