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  1. Agree though he did get sold by Allan at their 2 nd goal after lunging in which spoiled his overall contribution
  2. Yeh struck with head down front of the foot slight dip at the end , fantastic
  3. What a goalie he was in the days when kicking the ball over the half way line was a great kick
  4. One of his best games I remember was at Ibrox , won 1-0 thought he was outstanding that day
  5. Yes seems strange to have a player who could sign immediately on a pre contract agreement with another team if he hits the ground running,, anyway Danny .. hit the ground running!!
  6. Remember our pre season friendly in 2003 when you had a front line of Sheringham, Yakubu and Berger.. we were horsed !! I was sitting near the Crazy Pompey no 1 fan with the long curly hair.. is he still around ?
  7. Dominic Simmonds , remember him , rapid but not much else ,,also played for Dover and Killie.. Good luck Mitch , highlights look very promising
  8. Bitten the bullet as well today with buying both my kids season tickets that cost next to nothing last year.. The lack of control over seats that I have had for 20 odd years and 12 years for kids was stressing me out so hopefully good for club and money doesn’t just go on streaming fees. Feeling more relaxed tonight !!!
  9. The value of season ticket purchases ( 20 %??) is overstated and clearly most of the income comes from other revenue streams , sponsorship , tv , gate money from walk ins etc.. Closed door games and the overall impact is of much greater significance re budget than season ticket sales
  10. Attacking Midfielder who plays for Gillingham has left the club to sign for an unnamed Scottish Club. He was with our manager at Charlton Athletic and looks to have made his league debut under him as a 17/ 18 year old. Possible ?
  11. An absolute star for this club in every respect..the legacy will hopefully continue as his young son who plays at under 13 level for Killie is an outstanding prospect
  12. Not the only one who thinks his 18 month deal needs extended before the season is out!
  13. Surely loads of us into this last night, and cashing out on 88 mins!!
  14. Does anybody have the wind 2 nd half ?
  15. Extra height to combat the Aberdeen set piece strengths
  16. Burkey won’t be playing today unfortunately.
  17. Won’t be signing this season, too much to do fitness wise but hopefully one for next year
  18. Yeh , last night showed amongst other things how powerful he is with both feet, very impressive
  19. The timing of this is intriguing.. AB was a major part of the deal to potentially being Rolando Aarons to the club..Clearly that evening the deal is off and surprise surprise Aarons signs with one of the closest geographically placed clubs to Kilmarnock with similar budget.. I’m hoping that Aaron’s doesn’t turn out to be a superstar in this league..
  20. When you compare him today to half paced / half arsed Lee Erwin who we would have welcomed back over the last year there was absolutely no contest.. He is a 100 percenter at all times. What a start to your Killie career big chap !
  21. If anyone from the club explains tomorrow that we can sign from the unsigned players market I’ll explode..imagine also if O Donnell has agreed the Oxford move
  22. He was laid on a plate for the club to sign .. my info that they weren’t overly keen..
  23. 1 hr and 18 minutes to turn around an unmitigated disaster of a window

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