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  1. Indeed, just pointing out some of the perks of the new world. Seating not a big deal but travel more of a pain.
  2. Ha, good point. Just checked it out, 90 mins each way as oppose to 35 mins each way. I'll pass.
  3. So my usual group are three ST holders who travel in one car from 30 miles away. All from different houses and one cannot drive as under 17. So three cars, one with a chauffeur and cannot sit together when we get there? Do we book a row and not a seat? What a day out that will be! Parking could be fun.
  4. Got texts for the two tickets I have. Then two emails. Opened both emails, paid for them. Both in app wallet, job done. Great system. For the Wales game I couldn't get them so that issue seems to be all fixed.
  5. If you have booked multiple tickets and are all going in together the group code is the one to use as it pulls all the tickets through. Worked well for us.
  6. Asked for tickets for myself and my dad - both PSHs. Got an email at 15:15 saying I was getting one. Replied asking if we were both getting one and had a response after 10 mins - yes for both.
  7. Got through within about 5 rings this morning. Under 16 set up and two codes sent through to phone. Input codes to website, paid, downloaded the app to phone. All done in 10 mins. Can pick up cards in 3-4 days.
  8. The Aberdeen assistant manager was suspended from the touch line. So should he have been able to pass notes down to the bench? He did three or four times.
  9. Would also be good if the team walked off the Killie fans walk down into/underneath the stands as well
  10. I'm sure season ticket holders who have renewed will look forward to a wee refund at the turnstile.
  11. There are a few issues when renewing in the FB stand. I contacted Scott who got it checked out for me the next day. Had to either call or go to shop to renew. Paid for now.
  12. Yip same for me. Block I'm in is not clickable so cannot go any further.
  13. Herald at it today with "Burley expects Clarke to be targeted in the summer"
  14. Live a few miles away. Snow was there on Boxing day morning and has not snowed since. They are at it big style.
  15. Our new Director is meant to be looking at all our operations including pie stands so hopefully it will get better. Needs better organisation to speed up the queue as well. Too much walking about behind the counter. Pie & drink please - collect pie - walk back to counter -walk to cups- walk to water dispenser- back to counter - that will be £xxx- hand over cash - walk to till- walk back from till. Times 4 people per tea bar and they are all getting in each others way. Need to get more like fast food joints with a production line. As someone said before two could be making up t