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  1. Got texts for the two tickets I have. Then two emails. Opened both emails, paid for them. Both in app wallet, job done. Great system. For the Wales game I couldn't get them so that issue seems to be all fixed.
  2. If you have booked multiple tickets and are all going in together the group code is the one to use as it pulls all the tickets through. Worked well for us.
  3. Asked for tickets for myself and my dad - both PSHs. Got an email at 15:15 saying I was getting one. Replied asking if we were both getting one and had a response after 10 mins - yes for both.
  4. Got through within about 5 rings this morning. Under 16 set up and two codes sent through to phone. Input codes to website, paid, downloaded the app to phone. All done in 10 mins. Can pick up cards in 3-4 days.
  5. The Aberdeen assistant manager was suspended from the touch line. So should he have been able to pass notes down to the bench? He did three or four times.
  6. Would also be good if the team walked off the Killie fans walk down into/underneath the stands as well
  7. cs1

    Hearts match

    I'm sure season ticket holders who have renewed will look forward to a wee refund at the turnstile.
  8. There are a few issues when renewing in the FB stand. I contacted Scott who got it checked out for me the next day. Had to either call or go to shop to renew. Paid for now.
  9. Yip same for me. Block I'm in is not clickable so cannot go any further.
  10. Herald at it today with "Burley expects Clarke to be targeted in the summer"
  11. Live a few miles away. Snow was there on Boxing day morning and has not snowed since. They are at it big style.
  12. Our new Director is meant to be looking at all our operations including pie stands so hopefully it will get better. Needs better organisation to speed up the queue as well. Too much walking about behind the counter. Pie & drink please - collect pie - walk back to counter -walk to cups- walk to water dispenser- back to counter - that will be £xxx- hand over cash - walk to till- walk back from till. Times 4 people per tea bar and they are all getting in each others way. Need to get more like fast food joints with a production line. As someone said before two could be making up tea and coffee etc. It usually that hot it takes the top off your mouth for the first 5 mins anyway and they are serving them non stop (but slowly) just now.
  13. Callum Campbell in the West Stand. 13 on 4th December best wishes from Uncle Colin & grandpa Thanks
  14. He was shouting at the defence to pick up the guy that scored the goal before the corner was taken and they chose to ignore him.
  15. Click on Season Ticket button on left hand side. When you select the ticket you want and move to the next page it discounts the price to the correct one.
  16. Footballer Born: December 12, 1941; Died: November 7, 2016 ERIC Murray, who has died aged 74, was a footballer and one of the unsung heroes of the Kilmarnock side that won the Scottish League Championship in 1965. Like the majority of that team, Murray was an Ayrshireman – he was born in and lived all of his life in Symington – and the Rugby Park fans recognised him as one of their own, fortunate enough to represent the club on the park. He came through the then prolific Saxone Amateurs development club, joining Kilmarnock as a centre-forward in 1960. He was briefly farmed out to Dreghorn Juniors, but was soon back at the club and making his debut, wearing the number nine shirt against Hearts in the League Cup in August, 1962. Willie Waddell, however, converted him to a right-half, and, with the adoption of a 4-4-2 formation, Murray would eventually slot in as one of Killie’s twin centre-halves. He did not make that place his own until the league-winning season, however, having to battle for the number four jersey with Pat O’Connor, following Ian Davidson’s transfer to Preston North End. Indeed, Waddell would use his versatility in a number of positions, including a spell back at centre forward. He found this difficult, but there was one tale which brought laughter at his funeral. Waddell, having been impressed by Eric Murray’s display at centre forward in a midweek practice match handed him the number nine jersey for Hibs’ visit to Rugby Park. However, Murray struggled to get into the game; if he came short, Kilmarnock played the ball long, and vice versa. Then, when his team mates played a high ball in, either John McNamee or Morten Jensen, the Hibs’ centre-halves would out-jump him – he touched the ball twice, to kick off. Then, towards the end of the game, Davie Sneddon mis-hit a cross, it glanced off Murray’s head and past Ronnie Simpson in the Hibs goal to win the game for Kilmarnock. Needless to say, Murray always claimed the goal was a result of a superb Sneddon cross and his great run, but both players knew differently. Murray played in 59 of Kilmarnock’s 60 games in the wonderful 1964-65 season – including in the unforgettable second-leg Fairs Cup win over Eintracht Frankfort, when Kilmarnock overturned a four-goal deficit to win the tie; forming a superb defensive partnership with the late Jackie McGrory. He was again a fixture in the side the following season, when Kilmarnock represented Scotland in the European Cup, and were drawn against Real Madrid. Murray always claimed: “I had Puskas in my pocket in the first leg at Rugby Park.” This game finished 2-2 and, many years later, after a Kilmarnock fan had “rescued” the Scotsport highlights tape of the game from a skip outside the STV studios, the surviving players were shown it at a function in the Killie Club at Rugby Park, held to celebrate goalkeeper Bobby Ferguson coming home from Australia for a visit. Everyone knew of Murray’s claim to have had Puskas in his pocket, so, it was somewhat disconcerting to hear commentator Bob Crampsey repeatedly refer to the legendary “Galloping Major” being on the ball. At the end, one of the team asked Murray: “How come, if you had Puskas in your pocket, he was never off the screen in the highlights clip?” “That was only 15 minutes – there were another 75 in the game,” was the unabashed Murray’s reply. After over 200 games, Eric Murray was released at the end of the 1968 season, as Kilmarnock went part-time. He joined St Mirren for a couple of seasons, before running down his playing career with Cumnock Juniors. After football, he worked for a time with The Evening Times before joining the legendary bookmaker Freddie Williams in his company. However, following a stroke some eight years ago, he was never the same. His footballing ability was passed to his son Stevie, who played senior football, before his career was ended far too soon by a terrible injury. Eric Murray, who is survived by wife Anna, and sons Stevie and Eric Jnr , was one of the good guys of the game. He was modest about his achievements, and was always ready with a laugh and a joke. One day, while he was in the Wee Windaes pub in Ayr, he was at the bar as mine host Jim McSherry, a former Kilmarnock team-mate, was telling a local sports writer, whom McSherry thought had maligned him in print, he was “barred”. Murray got hold of the offending article, read it, then told McSherry: “Hey Jim, that’s just about the nicest thing anybody’s ever written about you.” The banning order was promptly lifted.
  17. MICHAEL JOHNSTON has admitted he would consider his position at Kilmarnock – but only if proper procedures are met when making offers for his shares. The Rugby Park company secretary insisted he is no “villain” and hit back at personal criticism by insisting he would never harm the club. Johnston spoke to Record Sport after emerging from a five hour board meeting to outline his position. Turmoil enveloped Killie this term when main-sponsor QTS hinted they would consider pulling their backing unless he left the club. Johnston has also been in the firing line of local businessmen who insist his position within the club is preventing large sums of money being invested. But when given his right to reply last night, the former club chairman took it. Johnston said: “In football and any business, everything is for sale. “I would consider my position if somebody wanted to buy my shares but nobody wants to buy my shares. “These things start with talking and then it moves to a more formal written proposal. That hasn’t happened. “I know there is a lot of inaccurate material being put into the public domain. There is no offer of investment in any formal sense and, likewise, no formal legal offer to buy my shares. “I’ve had talks with people – but nobody has made an offer capable of acceptance to buy my shares. That has happened a number of times over the years. “I have talked to people and I have given them financial information. “They speak about buying shares, either by way of new share capital in the company or buying my shares, but nothing of a formal nature comes out of it. “It’s not unusual but it has been reported that I was made an offer of a large sum of money. There has been no such offer. Those are the two major issues. “The question of me blocking new investment – and that is not true because there is no formal offer – and me turning down a substantial sum of money for my shares which is not true because there isn’t an offer of any formal or legal nature.” On the sponsorship position, Johnston said: “QTS have been fantastic sponsors and have assured me they will remain as sponsors until at least the end of the season. “Hopefully, we can advance discussions with that and QTS will remain in place.” And Johnston also defended himself against accusations that he is damaging the club. He said: “It’s extremely disappointing when you have invested 14 years in running the football club, during which time I eliminated £13million worth of debt that I inherited in 2005. “I’m struggling to see where I personally have let the club down. “I was able to get the debt-restructuring deal across the line in March 2014. We then put in place a proper board of directors. It was four, then five, now three. “We’ve had a board of directors running the company since March 2014, not me on my own. The notion which is being put about that I’m running the show and making decisions to advance some agenda is untrue and unfounded. “It’s disappointing but I’ve learned to deal with it as opposed to getting involved in slanging matches. “I don’t want to do anything to harm the club. I got involved in 2005 because the alternative was the club going into administration which may have led to liquidation. “So I saw the possibility of saving the club and that’s what I did. My objective was to eliminate the debt, keep the club in the top division and look after the employees. Well WrittenNot Well Written
  18. So has the question every been asked/answered by anyone as to whether part of the debt write off was that Directors could not make a profit on shares until a certain date. MJ says he cannot leave for another few years (I take it that means with a few quid up his jumper). Has Bowie etc ever come out and said that is correct/ incorrect? Are we happy to get rid of him for over a million and have some of the debt back???? For our Directors being such great business men they seem very faint-hearted. Their transition to the front row of the Directors box yesterday looked like naughty schoolboys pulling a fast one.
  19. Mmmm, a cross-border format. If this goes well you wonder that else could be cross border (at least for 2 teams). Who really came up with this idea?
  20. Guy I worked with runs this for the Euros https://armchairpunditsfantasyleague.wordpress.com/
  21. System works real time and blocks seats once bought. If general sale was all seats after season ticket holders had bought theirs and all general tickets were taken you would have x number of double booked seats. Will it be the clubs fault when people cannot follow a simple instruction and read a row and seat number. I hear the travel industry has been using this method of seat allocation for some years and if works quite well. All down to communication at the ground and people's ability to listen and follow.
  22. On facebook now: Kilmarnock FC Slo 27 mins · It looks like Kilmarnock FC supporters will fully occupy the away stand at the Falkirk Stadium tomorrow night. Falkirk FC have printed some tickets with a seat number and others with free seating. The official decision Falkirk FC are taking is "sit anywhere". Slightly confusing!!! Some Killie supporters have made contact and are concerned that they could be divided from their families and friends who they are travelling to the game with. As such, to prevent individual, spare, seats being located haphazardly around the stadium, could Killie supporters please ensure that they do not leave a spare seat beside fellow supporters when choosing your seat. The above is the only logical process which can be adhered to based on Falkirk's decision for a "free for all". Ultimately don't fall out with Fellow Killie supporters if someone is sitting on your ticketed seat; take your frustration out on Falkirk and give "Hello Hello we are the Killie boys" your all! Good Luck!
  23. Said on the radio that it was to let him know the position re yellow cards.

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