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  1. I don’t have a problem with BG attending the rally. I do have a problem with Keir Starmer jumping on the #BLM bandwagon, when he’s done nothing to rid Labour of the racists and antisemite staffers identified in their internal review.
  2. They’ll still stick up for the disadvantaged, just not as much as they would for someone who’s paid more. Labour - champions of the less disadvantaged and people with money.
  3. ‘It seems so unfair that a hard working mother like Diane Abbott, pays more in than many people, but then has to pay more so her kids don’t have to mix with poor people at school’ - Things Labour politicians might say.
  4. ‘It seems so unfair that people who’ve paid more into the system should have to queue in A&E or join waiting lists’. - Things Labour politicians might say.
  5. Oops.... This is a bit awkward for those Labour supporters who go on about the SNP’s middle class subsidies. Luckily Labour haven’t got a snowball in hells chance of being in power anytime in the next decade so they can always claim they don’t support everything their party does, but unlike SNP supporters they can criticise their own party.
  6. Reading that it’s hard not to conclude you’re brainwashed. The collapse of the U.K. currency and several economic sectors hasn’t stopped it from borrowing astronomical amounts to pay for a furlough scheme. It should be noted that Scotland will be expected to shoulder its share of this new borrowing as well as its share of the U.K’s existing debt. Don’t worry though, we’re good for it. But it’s good to see you still banging the “fiscal deficit” drum. What’s the latest calculation, Scotland must presumably be responsible for 70, 80 or 90% of the U.K. deficit by now. Funny thing is Wales and Norn Ireland get told the exact same. Only good old England runs a surplus. Lucky for us they’re so charitable. Maybe we should get some pensioners to walk up and down their gardens to raise funds to pay our deficit. it’s also interesting to note that you’re happy for Scotland and England to be compared, but only when we “mimic” them, not when we outperform them. Some people would call that hypocrisy, not me obviously. I know you’re a balanced individual with a chip on both shoulders regarding independence. I’ve heard this grievance stems from the failure to be elected as a local councillor; beaten into second place by the SNP’s candidate, please tell me that’s not true. Ideological differences I could take, but the thought I’d wasted so many words debating with you, just because you were being petulant would be deflating. I don’t suppose you see the irony of accusing everyone else of grievance politics, when it’s all we get from you? Probably not. It’s obvious to most people though.
  7. Hmmm. It could’ve almost have been written with a certain Killie fan in mind.
  8. Only if we don’t become independent. Now leave the adults to discuss politics.
  9. They should all go stand beside Alok Sharma to build public confidence in their science.
  10. Mcleans “middle class perks” claim is illogical. He somehow manages to satisfy himself that free healthcare for all is noble, but free medicine isn’t. Free education is great, but only until you leave high school and then only for kids that meet his narrow definition of poor. Strangest of all is that he never criticises Labour led councils for not redressing these social injustices. Offered the opportunity to recover these monies by way of increasing Council tax; a method which would’ve hit those with higher valued properties most, these councils dragged their feet.
  11. You think the Scottish government are responsible for decisions impacting the NHS in england? It’s a bit of a stretch but I’m willing to be convinced if you show your workings
  12. Hopefully we’ll both be living in my utopia some time soon. However I would point to the results in the Scottish independence and the U.K. brexit referendums as proof that the people of Scotland are keener to work and live with their neighbors than the majority of U.K. citizens. I think those results completely undermine your opinion.
  13. The spike and eventual peak in care home deaths came after the Scottish government implemented compulsory testing for all hospital discharged to care homes though. This completely debunks the private care business narrative that the blame for so unnecessary deaths should be attributed to the NHS. This time line was confirmed on QT last Thursday.
  14. I have many other criticisms. I also think the SNP are very timid on land reforms and I’d prefer the introduction of a.Land Value tax and a universal basic income to replace all other forms of taxes and benefits in Scotland. Their public transport strategy is a mess, local government authorities need an overhaul, and both health and education have significant room for improvement. However none of these changes are achievable under the Westminster system so it’s time to part ways. It has nothing to do with flags, ancient battles, tartan, kilts, clans or anglophobia...just a desire to at least try for a fairer, outward looking and welcoming country. Sorry about that.

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