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  1. Barcelona were woeful but I think it’s worth remembering they could’ve been 3-1 up early in the match. As Bayern’s confidence grew and Barca heads dropped as the goals rained in, the gulf became huge. But it was obvious at 5-2 that the Barcelona players had thrown in the towel. The lack of pride and fight should be worrying to the next manager, but I reckon the right person could get a lot more out of Griezmann, Dembele, Fati, Umtiti, De Jong and Puig. Coutinho may even come back into the reckoning, it certainly didn’t look like he wanted to burn any bridges last night.
  2. After the English champions being papped out of Europe by the third best team in Spain, you’d think Liverpool’s fanboy would have had the common sense to keep his head down on this one. Obviously not.
  3. The Labour Party in Scotland needs gutted. However I’d give Jackie Baillie the gig for s**ts n giggles.
  4. Jason Leitch? As a dental surgeon he must’ve looked at Neil Lennon and thought to himself I could retire on the cost to fix his smile.
  5. It’s odd that McKenzie has played over 200 games for us, under god knows how many managers and is obviously trusted to do a job, yet it’s apparently ok to slate him as the weak link every week, but you can’t say the new guy didn’t make the most of the space he was given. You’d think we were the first team ever to play a player not on his ‘natural’ side. All this talk of “unbalanced” and seeing cutting inside as a flaw is dated horses**t too. With Killie fans, familiarity really does breed contempt.
  6. If McKenzie cuts inside and takes the right back with him, it leaves a huge space For Waters to overlap into. Waters seems very reluctant to make these runs though.
  7. And I’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.
  8. Surely the hard working teenager will have course work to show as evidence of their abilities and this will be supported by the school. This is exactly why the appeals process Is there.
  9. Would you prefer to see him in goals for us or our opponents?
  10. I can just see it. wee Dougie points to the spot and awards a penalty against us for a blatant dive. @DrewWylie & @Mclean07 stand up to applaud the decision. @gdevoy tells everyone on the match thread that we’d be worse off if the award had gone the other way. @Beaker71 calls it a ficking scindalicous dissertation. Half a dozen other folk blame McKenzie for giving the ref a decision to make.
  11. In your alternate scenario it would’ve been like making George Floyd commissioner of police instead.
  12. Excellent analysis of the situation.
  13. I don’t think he’s bending himself out of shape by highlighting the data shows a higher level of achievement and a narrowing of the attainment gap. Those are facts. Everything else is speculation. We could also speculate that the Scottish governments education policies have created a “golden generation” of kids, who’ve been hard done by this process. That they have overseen a system where these kids have outperformed their older peers by limiting their access to formal education. We could also speculate that the poorer performing schools all suddenly upped their game in the first part of this school year but it all seems a bit unlikely. I noted your earlier suggestion that they should’ve just overestimated everyone. What do you think the real world implications of that would’ve been? The kid who needed three highers at A and B to get into uni would suddenly have found the goalposts had moved to five highers at A became the bar had been raised. And when everyone is applying for modern apprenticeships with their handful of Nat 5’s they’d not really be any different from their peers. This isn’t a unique intervention by the SQA either. They’ve adjusted pass levels before in response to circumstances. The Maths exam a few years back you only had to get around 34% to pass because it was adjudged the test had been too difficult and too few students had passed.
  14. So we have evidence the SNP influenced the SQA’s methodology? Great, can you provide a link?
  15. In unconnected news, did anyone see an ex-Tory minister in his 50’s had been accused of rape.

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