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  1. You don’t require any legal authorisation to lead a funeral. Absolutely anyone can act as a celebrant at one. Even you. She also does weddings. She did one for a couple of female friends of mine about five years ago. Again a lovely service in a barn with hay bales as pews.
  2. The SPFL should just cut out the middle man and operate their own channel, showing games at every level. Live broadcasting could be outsourced to keep costs low. Subscriptions from Scottish fans alone would make it a viable option and advertising revenues could be shared by the clubs rather than syphoned off by Sky to help pay for their overpriced English premiership deal. It’s not in Sky’s interests to talk up the Scottish game and that’s why the coverage is so downbeat. It gives them the upper hand at contract negative time. Most clubs already generate some media content, but would most likely have to up their game. But a 15-30 minute slot for each club, a couple of times a week shouldn’t be beyond their capabilities. Re-runs of “classic matches” and Scotland games could also be broadcast by a new Scottish football channel.
  3. She did the service at my mum’s funeral. She was very good. I didn’t know she worked for the tourist board.
  4. Isn’t this just clever marketing to promote their “no one likes us, we don’t care/ if you’re not with us, you’re against us” brand image, to ra peepul? There’s literally no down side for them in this. Douglas Park will see a boost in sales of bright Orange focus ST mobility cars and Cinch will be boycotted. If the SPFL punish them, it proves they have it in for them, the wagons circle tighter and the horde spend more money on rangers tat to demonstrate their defiance. If the SPFL don’t punish them it’s because they’re too big to punish - no surrender to the SPFL etc.
  5. This would be a perfectly valid opinion to hold if we weren’t scoring and didn’t take the initiative in games. However we scored more than the majority of the teams in the league (including some top six sides) and took the lead and went on to drop points far too often. We were sunk last season because we leaked too many goals. Watching our strikers was like watching someone trying to bail out a boat using a bucket with no bottom on it. It didn’t matter how much they did, it was never going to be enough. TW has prioritised patching up the hull so far less water comes in. Now our strikers have a fighting chance of winning us games. And we will have a new striker. I have no doubt about it. They’ll score more than Lafferty did too.
  6. Interesting stat from the Motherwell v Hibs game. Only Kilmarnock and Ross County dropped more points from a winning position than Motherwell, last season. Must be those pesky strikers heaping pressure on the defence again.
  7. Where were their objections when Ladbrokes sponsored the league and they had 32 Red on their shirts then? Smaller deal, competing betting companies. The only difference now is it’s in competition with one of the directors companies. Looks like he’s putting his personal interests before that of the club.
  8. So St Mirren’s stats weren’t skewed by McGraths 10 goals? Hamilton’s weren’t Skewed by Callaghan scoring 9? Cole’s 11 for Motherwell didn’t skew their goals for column? Only Lafferty’s 8 for us had that effect? Points thrown away from a winning position by the defence against St Mirren, St Johnstone, Ross county, Livi. St Johnstone failed to score in considerably more games than us and had a great season. 54 goals conceded (iirc only Hamilton and Ross county were worse) and we're blaming the strikers for our problems. Ps I missed Livi also scored one more than us. I apologise. So that makes us 5th highest scorers.
  9. We scored 43 league goals last season. Only Rangers (92), Celtic (78) and Hibs (48) scored more. Claiming our defence crumbled because we couldn’t score is utterly bizarre. It’s more accurate to say our forwards were under pressure to score as our defence and keeper(s) were s**t.
  10. Some people just don’t want to accept they backed the wrong decision when it comes to AA.
  11. We’ll finish 1st. 8-10 points in front of 2nd place. I believe TW has been very careful to play his cards close to his chest when it comes to set pieces. I expect it to be a very productive weapon in our armoury when we’re playing for real. I also think the return to three subs works in our favour. We will dominate possession in most games - defending takes a lot of energy and teams will struggle to press to the same extent when they can only make three substitutions.
  12. For anyone in any doubt that a solid defensive structure is key to success, have a look at our goal for and against columns for the last three seasons and then compare them against our rivals. You don’t concede and you’re guaranteed at least a point. Score two and you may still come away with nothing.
  13. Is this a “heads gone” or putting a stupid journalist in his place type interview?