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  1. I wouldn’t swap MacDonald for Foderingham and I ain’t exactly Macdonalds greatest fan. That’s about the level of my interest in rangers on this topic.
  2. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    You’ve gotta love McLean. He turns a topic about the Labour leader, pointing the finger of blame at the tories, for the growth of food banks, into an attack on the Snp. Rolls out the “too wee, too poor, too stupid” mantra. Rambles on for a bit in the hope everyone falls asleep before they realise they’ve read it all before. Then closes with the worst holiday itinerary ever. All this after accusing me of “diverting again”.
  3. Name names buddy. Lets get them telt.
  4. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    I thought @Mclean07 would have been back on to explain why he thinks Brexit, fracking and ripping up Labours devolution settlement are good things.
  5. That MacDonald has made it so high on the list is a credit to the protection Broadfoot and Findlay have afforded him. However there’s still a few keepers on that list that I rate higher and definitely one I rate lower.
  6. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    You consider the SNP’s stance on fracking, Brexit and protection of the devolution settlement to be bad decisions?
  7. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    Lolz. As if you expect anyone to believe you’re capable of being honest. Btw, it must have gladdened your heart to see Labour voting with those “divisive” snp msps yesterday. You must have known it was only a matter of time now that Corbyn is onboard with independence.
  8. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    Couple of quick questions - with oil nudging up towards $80 a barrel, would I be right in assuming this is a good thing for Scotland, with us also having an abundance of flammable baby boxes? My thinking being that the price might deter any casual arsonists from going on a baby box burning spree. A theory supported by the lack of baby box fires this week. With oil prices being so volatile (and oil also being a burden) should the Scottish government introduce MUP on fuel to keep babies safe? Lower prices could encourage fire starters to start more fires. Keeping the price artificially high might deter them. Long term it may also help lessen oil use in Scotland. As we’ll all be aware Scottish oil is notoriously more difficult and expensive to extract than Norwegian oil. Luckily for us we have the support of many philanthropic multinational companies, willing to rid our waters of this dangerous and volatile commodity, despite there being no profit in it for them. Should the Scottish government use taxpayers money to send the CEO’s of these companies a bunch of flowers and or chocolates as a thank you?
  9. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    Hague, Hothersall, Torrance....the Unionists would win hands down at bats**t crazy, f**knugget, zoomery. Oops I forgot Jill Stephenson better known as Historywoman. She takes Yoonery to a different level. A total Yoonatic.
  10. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    Kevin Hague? Isn’t he the discredited Brit Nat zoomer from the unionist version of WoS?
  11. Zorro

    Lewis Stevenson?!!!

    My theory is McLeish is still using his scouting notes from the last time he was Scotland boss. Nobody in their right mind could’ve watched Lewis Stevenson’s last couple of performances and thought he deserved a call up.
  12. Zorro

    Get fit and live forever?

    I’d imagine it’s very easy to be left wing when you’re an opposition MSP, with no chance of having to deliver your policies and apparently no understanding between devolved and reserved powers.
  13. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    I blame Westminster and austerity.
  14. Zorro

    Get fit and live forever?

    Fantastic reply. McLean claims to support Labours old values but despises Corbyn and idolisies Blair. Tbf his views on many issues are a mess of contradictions.
  15. Zorro

    Jezza gets it.

    How long has your “glorious” union being going, and yet the Scottish Government are still required to step in and clean up the mess. You’d think after a few hundred years Westminster would have got around to tackling poverty, unemployment and inequality, but no, It’s still left to us to pick up the pieces.

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