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    PM BoJo

    London’s R number rises above 1, Londoners go on an all day super Saturday bevy session to celebrate. Boris and his cabinet gleefully rub their hands. This will be used to gaslight the British public into thinking their fellow citizens are responsible for the huge number of deaths.
  2. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    It can’t be the U.K. government and the care homes fault, it can only be the Scottish government and the Westminster governments fault or the care homes fault? Why did you vote to remain part of a union where you want the Scottish government to do everything differently from U.K. policy? Like it or not, the U.K. government advice was there was no need for testing of asymptomatic patients prior to discharge from hospital. They are to blame for the failure of that policy. However, care homes have a duty of care to their residents. They weren’t forced to take more residents. They weren’t told they couldn’t quarantine them. They took a business decision based on their business model and it backfired on them, resulting in hundreds of unnecessary deaths. They must also accept responsibility for their actions. But I can see why it would be attractive for unionists for “wee Nicola” to put her hand up and say it was all her fault. Claiming it may help the independence movement is a bit of a stretch though. Especially when unionists would use it as a stick to beat her with. Two things puzzle me, if as you suggest this is a genuine attempt to help her; why would a committed unionists want to help her and as she already has greater public confidence than Boris, why aren’t you pitching the idea at him? Surely his failure to accept the blame is putting further strain on your precious union, no?
  3. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    Follow the money.
  4. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    It’s not mud slinging, it’s trying to muddy the waters. This didn’t require complex solutions. There were simple protocols to deal with this outbreak. New Zealand is a prime example of how to do it right. The U.K. response has been a shambles which totally ignored the science.
  5. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    They could’ve had a negative COVID-19 test moments before discharge and still have been positive. The only effective strategy would’ve been to isolate on arrival. Ian Murray is a proven liar. I’m not implying. I’m stating for a fact that a huge number of care home deaths would’ve been prevented if the care homes had taken the correct precautions. The whole U.K. response to this pandemic has been driven by greed, why would care homes response be any different? This is what happens when healthcare is done by accountants.
  6. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    Care home industry magazine says it woz somebody else’s fault. In other news Rangers media say Celtics nine in a row is tainted and the Celtic view say rangers cheated to get theirs.
  7. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    Isolation protocols? Do you think hanging a complex sounding name, on very simple practices, makes it sound like this was beyond the capabilities of care homes? We’re talking about transferring a resident to their new room.Getting staff to wear gloves, apron and mask anytime they’re in contact with the new resident. Disposing of PPE after leaving the new residents room. Hand hygiene and cleaning. Then wait. Out of interest, when would you have tested patients before transferring them?
  8. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    No care home has ever been “forced” to accept patients . They chose to take them and put profits before the health and we’ll being of their staff and residents. Even if they had been forced - if “wee Nicola” had went round and frogmarched them in at gunpoint with the Black Watch backing her up, care homes could and should’ve isolated their new residents until it was clear that they didn’t have the virus. End of story.
  9. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    It’s interesting that your pal, Ian Murray, also throws about the accusation the Scottish government “f**ked up” with care homes, but doesn’t mention that he received campaign funding from a care home group. I suppose it suits some people’s narrative to suggest that the Scottish government were responsible for care homes failing to follow standard infection control protocols, but it could not be further from the truth. The care homes had a duty of care to their residents and they have failed them spectacularly. They are now s**t scared they’re going to be financially liable for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of residents and they’re using their paid lackeys to try and shift the blame. That’s the truth
  10. The nurse has to be commended for having the foresight to live in Scotland and have access to our superior health system. It’s just a pity she needs to work in Carlisle and receive lower wages than her counterparts in Scotland. I suppose she might see it as any opportunity to teach and “level up” nurses employed by nhs England.
  11. This up to date map tells a very different story from @Mclean07’s mate Smiffy’s one.
  12. It must be terrible for the Palestinians to feel they’re a sovereign state, but have no control over their borders and having a neighbour who reserves control over much of their homeland. I can’t imagine how that must feel.
  13. I remember you saying the same about Corbyn. How’d that work out for you? I suppose if my party had swung violently to the right (again) I’d be trying to brush off his comments as a quip too.
  14. There are times in politics when you have to ask are both major parties working together and trying to distract you from something important they don’t want you thinking about? The leader of the ‘opposition’ challenging the prime minister to do 50 push-ups at PMQ’s is one of those times. What next arm wrestling?
  15. Zorro

    PM BoJo

    He’ll probably just sign us up as 51st state. Dom will get his spambots to convince people this is a good thing.
  16. Irony laughs at the site’s biggest nationalist posting this when most of his posts compare his country to another.
  17. Labour can’t embrace independence up here because they need the bigot vote to win. They can support independence for anywhere else on the planet, just not here. Their stance on referendums is the same. Unfortunately that puts them between those two stools again and most people can see through their hypocrisy. You still get the ‘loyal’ few who’d vote for a donkey in a red rosette but they’re a dying breed.
  18. Are you a scouser? I wish more of them were speechless. That has to be the worst accent on the planet. I’d give up lager if It meant I never had to hear Slippy G’s nasally whinging ever again.
  19. Let’s be honest, Liverpool bored Barca to sleep then hit them with a sucker punch to setup the weakest champions league final ever. There have been stronger teams in the fa cup final.
  20. It’s really annoying. I sweated my guts out to get my 32 appearances and these nobodies come along and claim they’ve played for us and they haven’t even broke sweat.
  21. Congratulations to Liverpool for winning the weakest English premiership in twenty years. Credit where it’s due, they were by far the best of an average bunch.
  22. Talking about the US police has anyone paid much attention to the #BlueLeaks story?
  23. If you were to say something nasty about the Vatican City state, nobody in their right mind would consider it to be anything other than an attack on Catholicism. Why would saying the same about Israel be any different? I think they’re f**ked because they’re caught between two stools. They want to be seen as the right on party of anti-racism, gay rights, immigration, veganisim, etc. But they need the bigot vote to win.
  24. Reading some of the development issues, it looks like the little green men had the common sense to destroy the propulsion and flight controls, to prevent them falling into our hands before we were ready for them.
  25. It seems obvious the Roswell UFO incident is the key to answering those tricky space travel questions. UFO crashes in 1947. Then a few years to reverse engineer and understand the tech. A few more years to sell the idea to Congress or whatever committee is doing oversight on spending. Bang a spaceship together, another couple of years. Job done, Neil and the boys get a jolly to the moon at the end of the 60’s. Btw Pastafarians believe that fake dinosaur bones were buried by the FSM to test our faith. Iirc the ‘bones’ are actually older than the earth and dinosaurs didn’t actually have bones (although they did exist).

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