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  1. Why does there always have to be some sort of incentive? Is it not enough to want to support the club when its in trouble? Sorry pal, its probably not the way you meant it but this smacks of "what's in it for me" and that sentiment appears to be prevalent these days. I don't hold anything against anyone that wants a refund because their need is greater, they are well within their rights and the club have afforded them a way to get their money with no fuss. People looking for 'extras' and incentives at a time like this are opportunists and trying to take advantage when we should be looking at how best to make sure we have a club at the other side of this.
  2. That's sarcasm, right?
  3. Dazza


    Probably a good idea to check up before making bold statements in an attempt to make your point. Having a 'mare here mate.
  4. Why do you think they are allowed to stand now? Think about it.
  5. No, works with the manks, at least he used to.
  6. Kirk's better half who spread the rumours about players not liking Angelo and his training methods is now saying he's played his last game for the club. Suddenly the Hendry interest makes sense. Vilified before he'd even kicked a ball for us, I thought he stuck to the task well and despite some scary moments was a decent squad member for us and leaves with my thanks.
  7. I'm not easily offended otherwise I wouldn't reply to this nonsense. Have you all been walking about like lemmings for the last six months? Do they have to put NEW TICKETING SYSTEM up in sky writing above matches? So someone is 80 and you assume they can't operate the internet or understand the new ticketing system? Going on your thought process they probably understand things a lot better than you. The only thing bollocks here is fans claiming that there was no notice we would be using a new ticketing system. You all go season ticket through it right? Thousands of us. Tickets for Nomads game? Thousands of us. No notice? Absolute bollocks. The cash gate wasn't an afterthought, they shouldn't even have to use one as they've not made things more difficult to get in they have made it EASIER, it was instituted in response to some fans asking for a cash gate but it appears we can only view things from a negative perspective these days.
  8. Let's hope we have lots of fans defrauding the club out of money? And then we moan at lack of signings or selling off players cheaply.
  9. I get what you are saying and agree, but what I can't agree with is that they made a bad call. Everyone knows there is a new ticketing system, if anyone doesn't know then they have been walking about with their eyes and ears covered for the last six months. They put the tickets on sale the way they are going to from here on in, via the TicketCo facility, then made a GOOD call to cater for the tumshies who insist we get stuck in the past and will only use cash.
  10. They did inform people how to get tickets. It's a far easier method than ever before. There is no about turn, they have simply recognised that there is still a demand for a cash gate so they have now decided to make that happen FOUR DAYS prior to the match. Pick pick pick pick - its life imitating art, we are turning into the most hard to please fans ever, just as the papers delight in calling us.
  11. It's not, we are moaning of the sake of moaning. Why pay a lot of money to install a new ticketing system to bring us into the modern era and then stick with the cash turnstiles that are fast becoming outmoded? Society is becoming cashless and if you don't move with the times you get left behind. Try dropping off someone in your car at Prestwick airport these days, all the emphasis is on cashless transactions and those stuck in the past have to leave their vehicles and go and pay at a machine somewhere else. If you don't keep moving you get left behind, and here we are criticising the club for trying to stay current and a doing a bit of long overdue future proofing. Short memories, don't you recall the chaos over tickets before? They went with the new system, they have made allowances for those who insist on using cash in plenty of time, this is Killie bashing at best and its sickening those who are having the biggest go are our own.
  12. How is it too late? There was a call for a cash gate and they've relented and are going to use a cash gate. It won't affect anyone at all who wanted to pay in on the day, they can now pay in on the day. Again, how is it too late?
  13. At least she is engaging with the support despite being able to say very little, technically she is only supposed to be in there in a support role but the silence from everyone else is noticeable. At a time we need to see leadership, she is the only one showing any but in all fairness she probably can't take the chair so its maybe time for one of the other two to s**t or get off the pot. If they don't want the responsibility then go and bring in someone who does, we need more directors to do some directing and it would be even better if we brought in a DOF or general manager with some first hand football experience, not just as a fan, no slight intended there. I'd be chapping Morton's door right now and begging Davie Mackinnon to come back.
  14. Trying to sound sensible, but the noise from your rattle being thrown out your pram gives it away slightly! I appreciate you are disappointed, I didn't get a ticket either, but intimating that you are going to stop attending as many games just because you didn't get a ticket to one match is just the anger talking. You're effectively blaming the club and taking it out on them, will you still feel the same way if we make the next round and this Welsh bollocks is consigned to history as a rubbish game in the pissing rain? There'll be bigger parties in the pubs in Rhyl and Killie and more of our fans there, beer in hand, watching the game.

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