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  1. Always thought the criticism was unfair on dyer and fowler. Now they have a full window, budget and season ahead of them. Let’s hope this cracking signing is the start of them proving a lot of people wrong.
  2. I had the displeasure of sitting behind the Noel one on the train back to Glasgow after one of the games two seasons ago and to call him entitled doesn’t even begin to cover the opinions of that a***hole. In the last decade we’ve had two great opportunities to reconstruct and change our product to sell in a forever globalising market but both times Scottish football has shot itself in the foot. A bunch of squabbling out of touch dinosaurs in suits will always overlook the foundation of our game which is the fans.
  3. Solid choices. When the 13-14 top was out at the time there was something about it I couldn’t take to. As I’ve got older I’ve come to realise it’s the best looking kit of recent times. I’ve been trying to source it for the last 3 years.
  4. in almost every pre game press conference Steve Clarke mentioned working hard.
  5. Genuine question... are any of the first team killie fans? Off the top of my head the only one I can think that might be is Rory but I’m not sure.
  6. I see people talking about how the structure relates to game time for youth. I’d like to see us implement what they do in Italy. 11 or 12 subs on the bench for a game. If you’re winning by a few goals (One can only dream of seeing a goal at this moment in time) there’s the chance to bring on a couple of youth/reserve players to get them crucial game time. I understand that this may seem a stretch as some teams don’t have as many players as that but it seems a great idea to me.
  7. Can’t wait to revisit this thread after we finish top 6 and dyers got his hands on the Scottish cup. happy new year.
  8. Although he didn’t play 2nd half of the season and some don’t like admitting it due to who he went to and the way he went: Jones as well. When he was on form the boy was unplayable. From back of the park to the front in seconds and dragging opponents out of position helped create tons of space.
  9. It seems that the players know their place in the team is guaranteed this season. Something that wasn’t the case over the previous two seasons, a run of poor performances and they were on the bench. I have faith we can turn it around and battle to stay in the top 6.
  10. Bachmann sod ajer Findlay Taylor bryson Pascali Mulumbu Shiels Jones Boyd.
  11. Disappointing result but we weren’t bad yesterday. Even game in the first half, difference being they were clinical. Great ball in for the first goal. Second half was disappointing as there wasn’t enough urgency at times and we lacked the final pass in the final 3rd(surprisingly). We most certainly got off with one with their penalty claim looked a stonewaller. Wilson man of the match for me, looked composed despite not having game time and he was playing out of position. He carried the ball out defence well a couple of times.
  12. Not line up related but my phone won’t let me start a new thread.... anyone know of bars in Aberdeen showing the man united game that will allow kids in?
  13. My sources tell me we’re just waiting on the graphics designer guy photoshopping him into this background

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