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  1. diamond_geezer

    Greg Stewart

    Think it’s worth saying that his goal was one of the finest I’ve seen from a Killie player . Own half , outpaces and dribbles round one of Scotland’s best teams and then a sublime chip . Incredible stuff .
  2. diamond_geezer

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    I’ve warched that a few times and I have no clue as to what is happening. Just like the officials.
  3. diamond_geezer


    But you are thick .
  4. diamond_geezer

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    In my youth I shared a flat with a guy whose older brother was a top, top Scottish ref . A bigger , more egotistical Sherman tanker you will never meet . He had a s**t, boring job but once he got on that pitch he was god . I saw him send off a number of players in a Queens Park v ( I think ) Stenhousemuir match . All of them unjustified but he just loved the attention . Anyway , I’ve rarely seen a Scottish ref that is halfway competent never mind good . The current bunch are beyond parody.
  5. diamond_geezer

    Jerk Rice

    I’m going to have Lancashire hotpot and Yorkshire pudding for tea . That’ll show them .
  6. diamond_geezer

    Coulibally to Partick

    It won’t end well.
  7. diamond_geezer

    Who Is America?

    Puerile guff
  8. diamond_geezer

    All or nothing

    The Man City documentary . Really interesting, well made.
  9. diamond_geezer

    Gers Fred

    Pains me to say it but I think the TV companies will be happy , Rangers look as if they might push Celtic a bit harder this year . We weren’t that bad but we definitely need some fresh blood in a few positions.
  10. diamond_geezer

    Is this racism?

    Fewer toffs, not less.
  11. diamond_geezer

    The female touch

    I quite like women’s tennis . Probably for dubious reasons if I’m honest . But to pretend it’s anything like men’s is just deluded . Mind you , if Sir Andy could switch genders I think he would, at last, be world class.
  12. diamond_geezer

    Erwin - Iran

    He has definitely improved a lot - he was brutal early on . I’d rather we kept him but I think his reputation has been inflated by his possibly unexpected departure. I’d be proper gutted if SOD left on the other hand .
  13. diamond_geezer

    Hospitality box

    It’s like Countdown. Carry the six .
  14. diamond_geezer

    Summer Nights Kelvingrove Bandstand 2018

    It was all right last night . My missus went to see the fleet foxes whoever they are .
  15. diamond_geezer

    Erwin - Iran

    Damn . I knew there was a Burka joke in there somewhere. Well played .

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