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  1. diamond_geezer

    Sorry but Rangers again

    Oh my . And they are starting to dislike Stevie G . It’s the gift that never stops giving .
  2. diamond_geezer

    Gers Match Fred

    These asterisks always puzzle me . M****s are Masons , no ?
  3. diamond_geezer

    Jordan jones

    We are grateful, trust me . It’s a funny old world when we emerge from RP feeling disappointed at only gaining a point . We weren’t at our best today , JJ might have opened them up but Hamilton are a stuffy bunch .
  4. diamond_geezer

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Created next to nothing. Hamilton looked more likely to score than we did .
  5. diamond_geezer

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Huge miss by Hamilton
  6. diamond_geezer

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Almost identical to last weeks goal
  7. diamond_geezer

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Hamilton tough to break down and dangerous at set pieces so far
  8. diamond_geezer

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Even Willie Miller!!
  9. diamond_geezer

    Greg Kiltie

    Or bated perhaps .
  10. diamond_geezer

    Neil Lennon

    What is he talking about? Could have been ten .
  11. diamond_geezer

    St Mirren Away

    Ben Gordon’s last game ?
  12. diamond_geezer

    If we had drawn with Hearts and Hibs..

    If my auntie had bollocks she’d be my uncle .
  13. diamond_geezer

    Dee away, Fred

    He’s barely running . It’s a shocking decision from yet another incompetent Scottish referee . He’ll get a 2 game ban , deservedly so.
  14. diamond_geezer

    Dee away, Fred

    He’s the definition of a whiny wee nyaff.
  15. diamond_geezer

    Is it possible...

    I wonder if there is a bookie who will offer decent odds on SSC being the manager who wins the title this year ?

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