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  1. And a distant third in the Rylan-lookalike competition
  2. BBSP Ltd have converted part of their loan to KFC into an expense (advertising) which can be set against their taxable profits. KFC have done the opposite & created a taxable profit but I suspect we have sufficient tax losses to cover it (carried forward, if not for this CV19 year as well)
  3. Port Vale - distinctive is the word, I think
  4. Eastwood pulled a quad muscle, per ADs post match interview- would have played 2nd half if fit
  5. Slightly slower with his "WANTP" tweet this time
  6. How about a goalie who's never lost a goal?
  7. Would that be a hun-disclosed fee? I'll get my coat...
  8. Anyone playing Jambo Lottery? My ticket says "the Maroon £"
  9. Trumpetree


    No he couldn't ;)
  10. Reports on Clyde SSB that SPFL clubs can now sign six loan players instead of the current four SPFL chiefs have loosened the rules on loan deals in a bid to help clubs - and players - in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. A maximum of six players can now be signed on loan by any one side in the coming season - up from four previously. And clubs will also be allowed to loan two players from any team in the same division - instead of just one -and four from sides in different levels of the Scottish league - up from two. League bosses hope the changes will boost the amount of game time for younger players at Premiership clubs with the reserve league looking set to be binned for the coming campaign. In addition, the rule which allows League One and Two clubs to sign players on loan in September and February has been extended to Championship sides and the September window has been amended to October. SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges for clubs across the divisions in Scotland. As we look towards a return to competitive football, changes in loan regulations are just one way to help clubs build a squad for the coming season. “We recognise that there are a large number of players currently out of contract and these amendments simply provide our members with more flexibility in planning for the new season. “In addition to helping clubs to field a competitive team for the season ahead, these changes will also provide an opportunity for younger players to get experience of senior football. This is particularly important given the uncertainty around whether there will be an appetite from clubs for reserve competition this season. “It is vitally important that Scottish football shows flexibility in dealing with the myriad of challenges facing the game as we continue to deal with the fallout of the global pandemic. Increasing the flexibility within the SPFL loan system is clearly one practical way of achieving this.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-loan-change-clubs-can-22392761?utm_source=sharebar&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sharebar
  11. I think their lawyer will be busy enough!
  12. Maurice Roeves, actor (Vinnie in Tutti Frutti), aged 83 https://twitter.com/LovettLogan/status/1283335659290271744?s=20

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