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  1. Was about to say the same very nice at the end. RIP Davie
  2. 0 -3 to Killie and Doncaster can F##k off
  3. Favourite was Tom Black although i think he missed one at hearts
  4. Although the club has said that most hospitality packages are almost sold out up to the end of the year how about a discount of at least 25% to season ticket holders on an all season basis as most of the time (maybe apart from new Park Suite) can hardly be making an profit, I think a discount of 10% is not enough to encourage season ticket holders to purchase a hospitality package.
  5. Best news since appointment of SSC.
  6. Meet him once on his way in to that Falkirk game and he had a whole bunch of bananas as a snack (energy boost) and he seemed an OK type of guy but as mentioned before I think we could have been relegated that season without his goals.
  7. Great value and a fantastic read for only £2 well done guys.
  8. Nice to see Wilson getting a chance lets hope he puts in a good shift.
  9. kenh


    Killie poppy pins are available to order from poppy Scotland, they should be in stock on 28 Oct.
  10. I remember the 1/5/1971 game (only just) and was completely gutted at the end. But I think (though might be wrong) that it was the first senior trophy/game to be decided on penalties and we have not much luck since.
  11. Remember Frank Beattie testimonial when Mr dalgiesh decided to play, however, I think a 1 - 0 kille win is on the cards especially after Celtic European game. Worth a fiver bet.
  12. Hi again as someone who at now at 62 years of age but still fit I served 22 years in the RAF and been in many places and the rest of the WORLD can not believe or understand our system. My favourite is meet an old firm fan from Ayrshire and ask them why they support any of the old Firm and see what the response is. It is brilliant because in 99% they can not give you a straight answer.
  13. A Certain mr Stewart on radio and tv says its part of society but why is it only in football. I am going to Murrayfield tomorrow and there is nothing like this this and I do not know of any other sport when these things happen. It has been ongoing for years and the SPl/SPFA are just too scared to take on Sevco/Celtic. And yes I have a Season ticket which will be unused tomorrow as I bought 4 tickets Scotland v France in good seats for £20 each before the fixtures were announced. Please note not all for me.
  14. Aye Mr Doncaster sat and watched and listened to it all and still done nothing at the rangers game. These blaszers think it will go away but it wont. They are scared to take sevco/celtic to court because of there fans in high places. And I am sure you all know what i mean.
  15. But Mr SFA sat there and watched it all (or was he looking the other way) and as said many times before say nothing and we will forget. BUT we wont.