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  1. Killie team 4-3-3 Branescu O'O'Donnell Broadfoot Findlay Taylor Dicker Power El Makrini Burke Brophy McKenzie
  2. What's Stuart 'Goal Machine' Findlay looking so happy about? It must be the photo extravaganza from last week's game in Wales that's just been uploaded to KillieFC.com! Either that or the winning goal. #WeAreKillie #WeAreOnOurWay CLICK HERE
  3. Picture bonus...added some pics from Tynecastle from last week's win in the capital CLICK HERE
  4. Added Ross Mackenzie's photos to the Match Recap from the win over Hibs at the weekend. CLICK HERE
  5. Bonus (as in extra) image time as we go back two weeks to the 'red wedding' match... CLICK HERE
  6. Added Ross Mackenzie's photos to the Match Recap from Celtic Park CLICK HERE
  7. Ross Mackenzie's images have been added to the 2-0 win at home to St Johnstone Match Recap CLICK HERE #WeAreKillie #Killie150 #Confidemus
  8. Uploaded Ross Mac's pics from the Hamilton spanking... CLICK HERE
  9. Today's final offering is the match pics from Sevcoland which have been added to that match recap CLICK HERE
  10. Catch up from last week with Ross Mackenzie's photos added to the St Mirren match recap CLICK HERE
  11. We're on the ball today with Ross Mackenzie's images from the re-arranged Motherwell game. All that moaning about a fiver...and twice as many Motherwell fans there as the midweek fog bowl. Maybe their club should have put their fans first and agreed to play then in the first place! CLICK HERE #Killie150 #WeAreKillie
  12. Last update of the day, photos added to the Match Recap from Livingston... CLICK HERE #WeAreKillie #Killie150 #Confidemus
  13. Catch up on photos from the match at home to Celtic from Ross Mackenzie...okay, maybe we don't want reminding of this one! CLICK HERE #WeAreKillie #Killie150
  14. Added a few photos to the Scottish Cup draw with Sevco to the Match Recap CLICK HERE
  15. Added Ross's photos from the draw at Dundee to the match recap CLICK HERE
  16. Currently the only place you get to see Ross Mackenzie's unique perspective of the game - our Hearts match recap CLICK HERE
  17. Pics from our midweek win over Sevco have been uploaded to the Match Recap CLICK HERE
  18. Ross Mackenzie is back with photos from Saturday's Scottish Cup win over Forfar... CLICK HERE
  19. Just to give us a day off tomorrow we have uploaded Ross photos from the win over the Buddies today as well. Great stuff from him this year, the great Sandy Ferguson would have approved. CLICK HERE
  20. Updated the Motherwell away match recap with Ross Mackenzie's photos from the day...some Christmas crackers in there! CLICK HERE
  21. Ross Mackenzie's photos added to the Hamilton match recap CLICK HERE
  22. Now added Ross Mackenzie's photos to the match recap from Saturday's win over Dundee CLICK HERE