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About Me

  1. There is a new version of the forum software that we have to install very soon and it will require us to be down for several hours at least...quite a few hours if I make a total erse of it...and it will probably be hingin' all over the place for a while. I'll wait until after the game tomorrow, so result dependent it could be on Sunday, Monday or even Tuesday, at least you'll know its not just you and won't have to message us to see why you've been banned.
  2. No better way to put some cashola into the Club than to exchange your dineros for beer at the Killie Club. Seems they have a fake Facebook page which says they were closed today but the genuine one (Killie FC Hospitality) has all the correct information on it. Just a reminder that 100% of the profits in the new Killie Club go directly back into the football club and its well worth a visit if you are out and about for a beverage.
  3. Any clues as to what the “big news” is ?
  4. Just a wee note for the programme collectors to say that the Club will be producing a limited edition 16 page special for the match which will be sold online (unlimited of course) and in the Club shop (a few hundred). Not many are sold these days so no point getting thousands done, this is basically something for the collectors.
  5. Posting some of this on social media and ironically forgot to post here on the forums! In the month of September alone we have over a million page views and were viewed by people from the following countries...
  6. Celebrate Killie's 150th birthday with special guests and fellow fans. Eat, drink, dance and be entertained...we're gonna party like its 1869! Tickets available from 7pm Wednesday 31st July HERE
  7. Let's keep it all on here, these 50 pages of the same stuff are slowing things down.
  8. Former Kilmarnock FC and Killie Trust Director Russ Smith has been in contact to say that he has arranged for any Killie fan in Killie colours (no season ticket required for this one) on match day or the day after to get a 15% discount at his @KFC restaurant in Rhyl...brill! #WeAreKillie #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner
  9. How good is our Kilmarnock FC social media content? This good... Ranked as the 15th best in the UK. 20th best for Average Post Engagements. 1st (FIRST) in Average Engagement Rate across all platforms. In the top 10 for Facebook results. 2nd in Twitter Results in the UK.
  10. Highlights from the KFCSA's Player of the Year Dance for 2018-19 in the Park Hotel. Alan Power gets the top prize with Chris Burke, Scott Boyd & Greg Taylor also receiving awards. Huge thanks to Chris Kyle for this! #WeAreKillie #Killie150 #WeAppreciatePower
  11. Statement from the KFCSA on pyrotechnics.... #Killie150 #WeAreKillie
  12. The KFCSA are pleased that for the second year in conjunction with the Football Club, EACHa and the Salvation Army there will be a bring a gift day on the 15th December against Dundee where Killie fans can show their generosity and donate gifts for kids in East Ayrshire whom otherwise may not receive presents on Christmas morning.
  13. Please remember the Foodbank collection at the home match on Sunday in conjunction with Kilmarnock FC and the Killie Trust. All donations will be gratefully received as they were last year. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE
  14. We'll be installing a major upgrade to the forums on Thursday and have no doubt that it will completely arse up at some point so please bear with us.
  15. Killie Trust and Kilmarnock FC Director Cathy Jamieson will be on Rock Sport Radio on Wednesday at 6:30pm to talk about the first annual ‘Women in Scottish Football’ research project. CLICK HERE
  16. Win a place in the Legends Match at the Open Day this Sunday* CLICK HERE *Please note that this offer is for Trust Members and TIK subscribers. If you are either then you can put your name forward, and if selected you can give your place away to whoever you want as long as they too fit the criteria i.e. over 18 and fit enough medically to play.
  17. An update from the Trust’s Director on the Club Board, Cathy Jamieson CLICK HERE
  18. The Supporters’ Association give notice of this year’s AGM CLICK HERE
  19. The Trust's Shareholder Register has been updated. There are now 1,407 shareholders, 515 of which are currently 'active' Trust members. That’s a record! CLICK HERE If you would like to renew your membership or sign up as a Trust member, which only costs £10 per annum, you can CLICK HERE
  20. The Trust Shareholders Register has been updated…now including a famous left back! CLICK HERE
  21. If the Commonwealth Games have got you in athletics mode, why not sign up HERE for Roon The Toon which is less than 66 days away! Fantastic effort by the organisers and deserves our full support! #WeAreKillie
  22. The KFCSA Player of the Year 2018 Awards and Dinner Dance, including a photo gallery with some of your snaps from the night. Massive thanks to Precision Tooling for their sponsorship, to all the players and staff, and especially the fans who made it the night it was. CLICK HERE
  23. Kilmarnock FC SLO Allen Kyle received the following email from a Ross County fan thanking travelling Killie fans who assisted him prior to the match at Dingwall last week. We might be rivals in football but it is heartening to see when someone needs a bit of help Killie fans step up!
  24. Having your say in how the Killie Trust is run is the first step in having your say in how Kilmarnock Football Club is run. The Trust has already had a positive influence on the club and will soon have a director on the board - everyone has a part to play #WeAreKillie CLICK HERE
  25. The Killie Trust Shareholder's Register has been updated, a few newbies and some renewals, the Steve Clarke effect? CLICK HERE You can join the Killie Trust or renew your membership HERE Remember if you stay outwith the Eurozone you can email KillieFC.com@gmail.com to get set up