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Found 23 results

  1. Lets keep the negativity in the part... so... with that in mind .... What are Killie's most pathetic results? - Nomads (H) in 2019 - A*r (A) in the Cup in 1998 - Coleraine (H) 1970 Inter Cities Fairs Cup - Gretna (A @ Fir Park) in 2008 ?? Plenty more out there Im sure! The 0-4 skanking off of Dee to start 2015 wasnt too clever, or away to Ton in the Cup either!
  2. Tennent Caledonian Cup promo pic there with Sir Trevor Brooking.
  3. Definately not right.... Can you name the correct players, date etc?
  5. Where is the next Tam Broon? Is there no one from that level we can take a punt on ? Never watch the juniors so dont know but what is the risk ?
  6. CB

    Three Sixes

    Bankies at home 93 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWzXW4s_yxo Pars away 99 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=256AUnuBW4Q Hibs home 03 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYKv28SHEUc @Philo & @RayD
  7. If the Club were to produce a retro strip or two as has been mooted recently, what strips would we like to see them bring back out? There will probably be a more formal selection process if this gets any traction and if the Club go ahead with it then an indication of what strips to focus on for a vote would help...hence this thread.
  8. Then literally get the t-shirt as well! Check out our Soul Suite Collection HERE
  9. Celebrate Killie's 150th birthday with special guests and fellow fans. Eat, drink, dance and be entertained...we're gonna party like its 1869! Tickets available from 7pm Wednesday 31st July HERE
  10. Alan Mahood signs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-3j7gT9QX0 Thanks @Philo
  11. We have been asked what we have in terms of text/photos etc. from the Inter-Cities cup tie against Leipzig for a book that is being published by the club to commemorate their 125th anniversary. Got a lot on this week so looks like a job for you lot! Anything would be appreciated.
  12. Five lucky TIK subscribers attended the Stars of '97 event as part of the rewards scheme. We took some photos. They are on Facebook. Sorry if you don't have Facebook to see them. CLICK HERE Above: Monty and Agent Marko do Paninaro...not a piano in sight.
  13. Something to talk to your mates about on the way to see us gub Hamilton. If you missed the 20th Anniversary Dance, here is another chance to pay tribute to the Stars of '97! #WeAreKillie CLICK HERE
  14. Dylan 'Legend in his own Lunchtime' Kerr on the cup final.
  15. Thought we should have a thread focussed on detailing the highs, lows and antics of our esteemed ex-players. Has a previous Killie haddie scored a hat-trick for Bristol City? Has someone started playing football in Malta to escape the clutches of drug lords? Has someone left Killie and actually furthered their career? Pop it all in here.
  16. There have been some damn fine players to have played for both Killie and the beatnik art installation which was formerly Partick Thistle. This guy wasn't one of them, but who was the best? Options are taken from comments on Twitter & Facebook. Feel free to throw in your own memories and suggestions.
  17. Since we're not in action until Saturday and Scotland are playing Denmark at Hampden tonight, what better time to reflect on one of our most capped Scottish players of the modern era? (That's most caps while playing for Killie by the way)

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