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Stendal departs Hearts

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Neilson is a crap manager, saved by shankland this season. watched United a fair few times and they were absolutely dreadful to watch in a terrible league with a budget that would put most premiership teams to shame. If they get Tommy wright and money for neilson, they've done the deal of the year

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Saw the Sky Sports post on Facebook , It suggested Dundee Unitd fans would be angry and Hearts delights at Neilson jumping ship.

The truth in the comments were United fans are chuffed to bits as they won promotion and got rid of a Manger who played terrible boring football. Hearts fans are unhappy because they are bringing  back a manager who jumped ship for an English 3rd Teir Team and when he was manager they played boring Football under him.


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On 6/22/2020 at 12:17 PM, KenVaagen1984 said:

The only plus point about Robbie Neilson as a manager is that he no longer gets to run about 10 yards onto the pitch before releasing the ball from his hands at throw-ins. 

Bastard son of Elvis

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