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Joe Piggot

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2 minutes ago, Souleycouley93 said:

Wimbledon one is a decent option. Wigan not so much, is that a sign Whitehall isn’t coming.

Possibly put Cameron out on loan again. Give him a season as first choice in the Championship perhaps. 

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46 minutes ago, Scouser2 said:

Suppose it’s yet another new avenue for possible signing rumours , revealing details of mail deliveries........hopefully it’s DB’s Gloves next getting delivered 

100% boots being delivered today, however the club still gets mail from Uefa for Jim Jefferies and Gary Locke!!!!! Hoping thats not a sign

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5 minutes ago, killie billies pal said:

I honestly think we are getting a bit late in the day for trials, the season starts in less than three weeks. 


We signed Kabamba without a trial. 

Yes I know it was the January window so it's a bit different. 

Dyer likes to look at people's attitude and character as well as ability so I can only think it's to see how they get on with the rest of the squad.

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