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New Name for Rugby Park

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For a bit of light relief what would you have renamed the stadium?

Marie Osmond Soccerdome

Paper Roses Plastic Pleasuredome

Bobby Williamson Multiplex 

Willie Miller P45 Park

And of course The Theatre of Pies


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12 minutes ago, kfc_superteam said:

I like that someone on twitter nicknamed it the Bernabowie. 

El Plastico from the Bernabowie. Got a nice ring to it.

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25 minutes ago, Jay-Boy93 said:

It doesn't matter what Rugby Park has been changed too, it's still better than Tony Macaroni Arena!!



However, that stadium name name does switch nicely to "The Spaghettihad"

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Flicking between the Motherwell and the Hamilton games and taking into account no fans are allowed, is it just me or does it look like there's at least 20 more people in that stand than usual.:ph34r:20200808_162248.jpg.c3a9bfebe402b138323387a220035d9c.jpg

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