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Celtic Match Fred

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2 hours ago, skygod said:

Asking a lot of Kabamba to compete with Ajer and Jullien.

Expect he will be asked to make a nuisance of himself for as long as he is able.

Well he did that in spades for 90 minutes. 

Well played, young man!  

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15 minutes ago, Galdunc11 said:

Is it just me or has Tishbola been anonymous?

Think the full team including Tishbola had a great game, kept their shape and if it hadn't been for a poor goal, we could have had 3 points.  Well done boys.

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2 hours ago, boydiesback said:

Come back and see me at full time. Sometimes reality over blue tinted glasses is hard to accept!

With that team the manager has handed the advantage to celtic!

Let's be having you then sir? 

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Excellent tactical game from Dyer. Slowed the game down when we had to and nullified Edouard who’ll no doubt score a barrel load against other teams this season. Thought the full backs had a great game too despite a lot of doubters

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