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Hibs match, Fred

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5 minutes ago, Pride_of_ayrshire said:

Never change a winning team.


Our mid 3 could over power the hibs diamond 4. Kabamba should boss Hanlon and Porteuos


As much as I love Mulumbu, I'm glad he hasn't just strolled into the team and will need to fight for his place. 

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5 minutes ago, piffer said:

Can’t argue with sticking with a winning team.

We have got enough about us to dominate the game. Biggest threat is their pace in attack

We need a really disciplined performance with 100% concentration throughout. I think we cane dominate them physically with our line up. Kiltie and Burke to supply the guile. Lots on Kabamba's shoulders as lone striker, but if Tish plays the way he has been, we can do this as long as we are tight at the back. 

Good to have Brophy in reserve. Can make real impact as a sub for half an hour if needed. Potentially crucial sub role for Rory as well. 

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