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St Johnstone Match Fred


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2 minutes ago, chubbs said:

Has McGowan not been carrying an injury recently .... maybe to give it a rest.

Dikamona and Rossi gives me the shivers...

McGowan seemed to pull up couple times on Wednesday so could be another managing an injury 

Thought Rossi looked ok on Wednesday , Dikamona if cuts out the rash tackles can be a decent defender 

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I have no problem with the back four. Just wondering where the creativity will come from. Burke is fine, But left side not so sure. Watters injured ? best left sided crosser of the ball.

Get ready for a grind i think. I hope i am wrong and we get stuck in and push high up the pitch. I think we will have to score two minimum. We can't hope for a clean sheet.

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Glad to see we are having a go with two upfront. The back four gives me the fear. Another reshuffle. I think part of the problem has been Dyer won’t commit to two full backs. SOD and Taylor played no matter what if fit. It didn’t matter what run Millen and Waters were on. Admittedly Covid and injuries have restricted Dyer but he changes those positions among others far too much for my liking. No group have been given a decent opportunity to form a proper unit

Nice of Andy Millen to let Taylor and Brindley make up the numbers again.

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Hope we have learned from the last time we played them and we have a plan to stop Ali McCann getting too much space in the middle of the park. 
Calum Davidson seems to be pretty tactically sound so I would be surprised if there’s anything we’ve done that they aren’t expecting. 
looking forward to 90 mins of balls being shelled at Kabamba and Oakley with our midfield 2 being nowhere near them.



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