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Well Match Fred

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Got to hope TW has picked the team to win but after county game do not understand how dicker keeps his place.

Also plenty of comments about us not having a great squad which I agree with but find it very strange that player of mulumbu quality can not get a game.

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There isn’t much on the bench to change the game either. Surprised that Mulumbu and or Dabo aren’t starting. If we got in front then Dicker or Power could have come on to shore things up.

Time for the big personalities to put on a performance. Are they up to it?

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I simply can't fathom having Dicker in there ahead of any of the other midfielders.  He must be playing like prime Busquets in training.

Dropping the three at the back or just McGowan in for Millen as the right sided centre do we think?

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1 minute ago, SlimStripey said:

Can only presume Mulumbu was one of the players that didn’t take his opportunity to impress against Celtic 

How poor must he have been that TW looks at Power/Dicker v Ross County and thinks he hadn't done enough to play his way in.  Strange one but then again I'm not a football manager so will trust in TW

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