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Israel Match Fred

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Some strike ... Marshall should do better after getting two hands to the ball.  McTominay looked a bit slow to react and then turned his back on the ball rather than taking one for the team.

But it all came from the ref not giving Fraser a foul at the other end.

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20 minutes ago, stewarty66 said:

Sitting far too deep.

Israel have all the time in the world 

This. We do every time against them. They are willing amd capable of shooting yet we stand off and invite them to hit it from 20 yards. 

Its like groundhog day vs this mob. I watched them against the Czechs and the were murder. We treat them like its Spain or something.  Baffling. 

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Just now, stewarty66 said:

Fraser is like a man down. 

f**k knows what Clarke sees in him

Think he registered the most assists in the premier league... but that was 3/4 seasons ago. 

We miss James Forrest I feel for his pace. This team is far too slow.

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