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Stenhousemuir Match Fred

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1 minute ago, Steppskillie said:

Obviously wanting to give Stenny a chance including Millen. Shouldn't be anywhere near the team. 


4 minutes ago, Ngonge88 said:

A tell you what. Cup game or not. I'm f**king fuming Ross Millen is back in

Would much prefer McGowan in there . Trying hard not to make Millen out to be a fall guy but he has had some howlers and stupid stuff that's cost us big this season 

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Apart from injury issue re McGowan TW going with his first choice 11, so no resting players or giving others chance to impress ....wonder if TW has made up his mind on those fringe players , good to see Warnock involved at least 

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Expected a different team. Thought we might use the opportunity to get minutes into Waters, Tshibola and Mulumbu in particular who haven’t featured much recently but might play a key role in the run in.

Good to see young Warnock on the bench. Hopefully the opportunity arises to get him a run out this afternoon.

Would have had McGowan before Millen but Wright said he was touch and go to make it. I’d rather have him for the post split fixtures than risk him today. Millen owes everybody one. The County result wasn’t solely his fault everyone takes the blame for that but his stupidity in getting the red let himself, team mates and manager down. 

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Suspect Wright is using this as a game to reinforce what he wants to do with that first team and what they have been working on in training. 

McGowan having a knock seems the most likely reason for Millen, but he's our backup up right back and some minutes are usuful as he might have to come back in at some point. 

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Gone with a stronger team that I imagined. Thought Tish or Mulumbu might get a start. Makes sense not risking McGowan, would rather he’s fit for RossCo next week. Hopefully if we can put the game to bed with a bit of time left, Warnock might get on and get some more experience  

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2 minutes ago, KillkieBoab said:

Apart from having brought in Lafferty, you would never know whether Wright or Dyer picked these teams.


This is except for Millen is our strongest team. I can only assume Tish, Mulumbu don't show enough in training or when they get a chance.

We see players for 90mins or less each week.. the manager(s) see them 5 days a week. 

I don't blame the managers this year.. yes they may have made better changes in match.. but its the players who let them down... look how nany individual errors or lack of professionalism cost us points.

But our squad is poor .. it has been since Clarke left.. we have lost 5 international players in the last few years and replaced with some bargain basement players.

Hopefully a good game today builds confidence.. swap fringe players after 60 mins when we 3-0 up.and get few more..we can only dream!

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“Don’t show enough in training” is the most over used phrase on this forum, second to “but dyer said they worked hard”... not sure what’s worse. 

Mulumbu is our most technically gifted player in the team. Can turn up to  training in swim shorts and flip flops all I care.

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Once again I am a bit underwhelmed by the team selection.

I really dont rate Millen at all and the Power/Dicker thing has been not working for quite a while now. I also feel a bit exposed by the Broadfoot/Medly pairing but they should hopefully cope at this level.

Up front I thought TW Might have experimented a bit with Whitehall/Oakley but he seems to be very much sticking to the tried and tested. 

Oh well I suppose 4.45 PM will provide the answers.

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