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Montrose Match Fred

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Strong lineup again. Taking the cup seriously which is good to see. Good to see Mulumbu and Kiltie in the side. Surprised this is Waters first start under Wright. Given the choice I’d have changed the keeper for this one but understandable why Wright hasn’t and is continuing with the keeper and same CBs 

Could today potentially take us to our longest unbeaten run since Alessio left? You take into account the opposition of course but results help momentum and that can only be a good thing.

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Playing both Burke and Lafferty with an important league game on Wednesday does show TW approach and reliability in these 2 players , good to see Mulumbu given a chance would also been good to see Tish alongside him to show TW options for the run in 

Hopefully we can get control of the cup game early , great day for football just pity not heading down to RP 

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Need the defence to develop an understanding so I can see why Medley and Broadfoot are paired, both need to get their act together though.

Happy to see Mulumbu get a start hope he shows that quality we've been lacking in the middle.

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