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Time for everyone to show up. We can’t afford the likes of Power, Pinnock, Millen and Broadfoot putting in a crap performance. If we can reduce the outrageous individual errors then I think we’ll be ok.

Aggression, fight and doggedness is in Accies’ DNA. Let’s see if we have any fight in us- a bit of pride from our lacklustre team is the minimum demand today ahead of a potential playoff match, subject to Motherwell’s performance. 

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In , out , In on the keeper tombola …..very strange , hopefully Doyle has an ok game and it’s the last game any of these 2 keepers have to play for us …..

Big onus again on front 4 to create and get enough goals to counter any defensive errors

c’mon Killie 

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Goalkeeping situation is tough. 

Doyle looks slightly better 1 on 1, making himself big at strikers feet.

Rogers gives you slightly more agility and arguably better distribution. 

But they're both s**te when push comes to shove. Let's hope for a miracle today and get shot of them

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Can’t argue with the changes he’s made. It’s personal opinion if you feel he should have made more.

For me that’s certainly our strongest attack just need those behind them to do a job.

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11 minutes ago, Ngonge88 said:

Hes dropped the 2 main culprits from St Mirren draw. I understand that. I just don't understand how we've still gone with that midfield 2. 

Mulumbu and Tish must be shambolic in training

It’s not a mystery it’s a disgrace that Mulumbu isn’t playing. Hope tae feck it won’t matter. 

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