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Dundee Match Fred

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12 minutes ago, bute-killiefan said:

This is where it started imo. Since this, it has been one embarrassment after another.

The club chose the wrong side in this, and here we are


Absolutely, 100%. 

Killed the management, screwed up the dressing room and might well end up killing the club. An utter disgrace and embarrassment for the player, the club and Scottish football. 

It blows my mind that there are still fans who defend him when he should be a pariah for what he’s contributed to recently. 

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12 minutes ago, galbraj said:

I think Bowie will probably stick with TW as either he needs a job or nobody else wants the job.  Again..........after the shambles of this season we'll see how we do against the rest of the 1st division next season.  

I'm 50/50 in whether we should retain TW. 

In the "for", he's clearly not a bad manager - his St J record proves that. The players aren't his, and the fact none of these chancers looks interested is because the board have allowed 95% of the squad's contracts to expire. That's solely on the board. 

In the "against" - he had one job, to keep us up. 

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Just now, hindes57 said:

Fekksake, all I'll have is that woman shouting in the back of Open All Mics for Saturday commentary now. Absolute grim times

We'll probably end up with the baldy headed lino chasing computerised camera for KillieTV

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