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PC Screwed Up

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Was trying to wipe my old laptop (HP Pavilion 14-b141sa) and factory reset it back to Windows 10 (originally came with 8.)

All went well, got to the bit when you set up Windows and you are connecting it to the WiFi when woops. Power lead had fallen out and the battery wasn't locked in so it slipped out.

On reboot it says

Boot Device Not Found

Please install an operating system on your hard disk.

Hard Disk (3F0)

F2	System Diagnostics

F2 gives me the option of; a memory test, which it passes. A hard drive check, which it fails. A language option, que bueno. Exit, which exits.

Any ideas?

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A hard drive check 'fail' may indicate the drive is kaput but sometimes it's as simple as the hard drive connectors may have come loose. Have you tried reseating your hard drive? .

Shut down PC and grab a tiny screw driver. Take off the HDD cover, unscrew all the screws mounting the hard drive then disconnect the drive completely. Blow any surrounding dust away then reconnect securely.

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This laptop went in the bin a year and a half ago. But thanks.

EDIT: Wrong laptop actually. I took the hard drive out and even older laptop that had other issues and swapped it in to this laptop. Works a treat now apart from I must have buggered the keyboard ribbon while I was changing it and now the r key isn't working.

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