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Inverness Match Fred


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Interesting selections.

Not just for the goals I thought Sanders would be in with a shout of starting at CB after Tuesday nights performance.

Presuming we go 4-3-3 I like the look of that CM. Polworth the most capable CM we have to pick a pass. Lyons and McKenzie the most energetic. Hopefully we really get a grip of that area tonight.

Disappointing to see young Warnock disappear completely. Did more to stake a claim for a place on Tuesday than Fraser Murray IMO

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8 minutes ago, Steppskillie said:

Certainly should be more energy in the middle of the park. 

Sweepstake in how long it takes ICT to put a heavy tackle on Burkey. 

If Burke gets a heavy tackle the next heavy tackle should be soon after on Mckay, send out a message two can play that game.

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3 minutes ago, Angelo's Ashes said:

McGinn is a big loss. I've not seen us show any composure in midfield without him. Polworth has been poor in that role whenever he's tried to play it. 

Fully agree. Ayr game was a good example. 

Game changed imo when McGinn came on and put his foot on the ball

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