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St Mirren Match Fred


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5 minutes ago, chubbs said:

He's fecking lost the plot.

Chrisene and Mayo dropped from the eleven, Shaw and McInroy out altogether.

How do you know they’re no injured? Chrisenne was running on fumes last week.
Plenty times he’s no said they full story on injuries. 
although shaw will be dropped because he cost us last week.

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No Shaw or Wales but Cameron and Doige when he clearly not going to use both. 

I do not know about Chrisene or if Stokes plays left back or Armstrong/Jones are wingback. Stokes started his career as a left back incidentally. 

He never uses McInroy so no point having him on the bench. Why he does not use him I do not understand. No idea why he preferring Lyons and yo a lesser extent Alston over him. I fear McKenzie will not do well today either. 

Rather surprising line up. Two left backs on the bench (3 if you include Mayo). 

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1 minute ago, Mclean07 said:

We don’t have a clue if some of these players are carrying injuries. Plenty were also critical of Chrisene on Sunday. Suddenly Mayo is a hero after weeks of lambasting. Wait and see. 

Mayo has been good in the last 2 games and deserves to keep his place.

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