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THE Iconic Killie Picture Thread!

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16 hours ago, BigD'sGingerLorry said:

I found this photo in a programme but it doesn't say what was happening.


Does anyone know what the occasion was?



This photograph was featured in a match programme without any context? Was it a Killie programme, or what?

My first thought is USA 1969. Kilmarnock (St Louis) and Wolves (Kansas City) represented US franchises in the NASL. Dougan's clothes and the tasteless trophy seem to support this.

Dougan didn't play in the match between Killie and Wolves as he was involved for Northern Ireland in the home internationals. He didn't play in any of Wolves first four matches in the eight-match tournament but he did score a few goals and made a big impact when he did arrive. Perhaps he was MVP? But why would Frank Beattie present the trophy?

After the international teams had departed, the regular NASL teams completed the season and Kansas City won again. The MVP was one of their players, but perhaps Dougan got a special award for the international section? 

But where would Alex Ferguson come into things? He was at Rangers at the time and they didn't participate.

Theory No. 2: Texaco Cup tie in 1972 (5-1, 0-0). Dougan scored at least once in the 5-1 match but Beattie had retired by then so this can be eliminated, I think.

And where would Alex Ferguson fit into things?!

Theory No. 3: Dougan was elected chairman of the PFA 1970, the same year as Fergie became chairman of the SPFA.

Some Players' Union event between 1970 and 1973 when Fergie stood down looks like the most likely solution.   





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