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Killie v Livvy

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2 minutes ago, Chris1810 said:

By the player???? I'm sorry but mr agent we shouldn't be chasing him. He's above average at best going be recent viewing of him

Why would we not want to sign an above average player?

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29 minutes ago, Blackislekillie said:

This all sounds very positive compared to this time last year. Was that reflected in the atmosphere (despite the low crowd)? I can't remember the last time I actually felt this good about a season starting.

I wouldn't get carried away. We weren't particularly great, but were comfortable enough, and didn't see much to give me cause for concern. Think we take it for what it was, a 1-0 friendly win against lower league opposition, and still recognise that the team needs further strengthening and NEED to start the season well against Ayr. 

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31 minutes ago, historyman said:

Do we know who all the trialists were?

Did one of them remain on the bench?

Broadfoot was one due to international clearance not through yet, Chris Burke played 90 mins, just needs fitness but he can't half cross a ball, dunno who the other two were tbf

Ps, Broadfoot absolutely strolled it 

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Just now, Chris1810 said:

Injury prone one? No thanks.


if he can stay fit yes. If same fitness as last year then no unless we want another stevie smith....

You don't know the details of his time at county. He would be a good signing and would improve us. We have been below average for a while, so why would we not sign an above average player. 

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Thought there were positive's from that.

Once we get the personnel right we have a system we look to play. We need to get more games under our belts to sort the little things out and blend as a team. 

O'Donnell, Broadfoot and Power looked good. Some shaky moments but to be expected. Thought Waters looked like a LB playing out of position 1st half. He improved as the game went on and made a decent run for the goal.

I wasn't as impressed by Burke as others. I will probably be proved wrong but don't think he'd be a worthwhile signing. The quality is there but not sure the reliability is. He went missing from half time to about 80mins. I'm guessing he'd be looking for a decent wage and that may be better spent elsewhere.

Samizadeh had two moments of real skill that lit the place up. He did little else and a couple of mistakes(pointless keepy uppy losing the ball on halfway and the short free kick to a player with his back to him and surrounded by opponents) could cost in a competitive fixture. Certainly on the ball getting at defenders he looked good though.

I liked the look of Higgins when he came on. Decent in the air and the tackle and very comfortable on the ball. 

We still need a decent number 10(until Kiltie is fit at least) and we need more striking options. Boyd was decent talking people through the game and coaching from the park but aside from a couple of penalty box chances he's not the attacking threat we want to rely on any more.

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Obvious the sessions at the training camp had had an effect ....the sgnings so far have brought experience and more organised defensive shape ......

Power will sit deep and do a lot of work in stopping the opposition and covering areas... ......but we still lack that creativity and leadership in midfield not only to giv us more possession and creativity but also to move the team forward and IMO still need a striker or 2 


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On today's showing, I think Burke would be good for us. He is skillful and direct, and his experience will be much needed by a core of young players.

Samizadeh looked fast and full of tricks - the way he brought down that goal kick and played keepy-uppy was outstanding, but he ultimately lost the ball and rightly got a bollocking from Boyd or Burke (not sure who).

We still need a striker. Boydy has been a great servant, but he looked slow and off the pace. He needs someone pushing him for that lone striker position, but again his experience will be vital for our young squad.

O'Donnell, Power and Broadfoot looked accomplished. 

Waters did well, but I'm guessing he was a let replacement for JJ, do not in his normal LB position. Good run for the goal.

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