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"El Clasico" in Miami

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Considered going down to see this, even though I'm not a fan of pre-season friendlies, then...I saw the prices they were asking :o:o

Cheapest seats, up in the gods is $228.60, plus $45.72 service fee (no idea what service that fee provides) for a total of $274.32

Add in your parking at $45 (that's forty five) and your looking at $319 before you buy an $8 bottle of water.

Seats next to the pitch on the half way line start at $515 before fees,etc 

Ma, Pa and the two weans, you're looking at over a grand to watch a half pace kickabout...insanity, they are also advertising tickets for the training sessions on Friday night at $20 - $30 a shot. I really hope no-one turns up for either event.



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'Say Burt'

'What is it Ernie?'

'We're thinking about gtting one of these here s*cc*r games to come to Miami'

'You mean the city where, every attempt to bring pro s*cc*r to has failed in a blaze of debt?'

'That's the one'

'Lay it on me, dude'

'Well. Florida is full of ex-pat Cubans, and that Madrid & Barcelona are here for exhibition games. And Cuba is basically Spain. So why don't we spend millions of city dollars to get the to play each other at Joe Robbie Stadium? These sheep will pay anything to watch 'their teams' and, it might convince Beckham not to read into the history of the failure of Miami s*cc*r teams'

'Ernie? You're a genius!'


Probably something like that.

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