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St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

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Awful. Summed up by Taylor picking up the ball for a throw in, looking for men to come short and play football, and Jig roaring at him to punt it forward. We immediately lost the ball.

Just don't understand any of this. Wilson seems to have been told to get forward, isn't O'Donnell better at that? Burke is miles away from Boyd.

Worst thing is they aren't playing as a team. Jones and Thomas will get past folk. Fine. But there's nowhere to put the ball and no movement around them. Annoyed. 

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Frizzell is the only player in midfield. McKenzie is anonymous. He's too inconsistent to be as important to us as he is. We need more in there to get a grip of the game.

Boyd is isolated. Jones isn't getting room or the ball to run his man. Thomas and Burke are causing problems when they do. More of this required. 

Broadfoot should have done better at the goal. I'd like to see it again as it didn't look a great finish.

MacDonald has been rotten. Distribution really poor. One crazy call for Greer to leave it and Jamie just got there before the Saints player. A really poor half from him imo. 

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19 minutes ago, DuncD said:

Rather the mascot than Frizell. Wee boy out his depth.Hes not strong or physical enough for this league. Simple 

I disagree with this. He and Mackenzie are overrun by their attacking midfield 3. We need to trust our full backs to push on a bit. Instead Thomas and JJ are having to come deeper and deeper. Greer is strolling it and makes things happen when he takes the ball forward 5-10 yards. We need to get them on the back foot and that starts with our centre halves. When we actually play football, we look quite decent. 

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